Valentino 4k [Completed]

Valentine’s day is coming up. Say it with flowers…

Play Valentino

Don’t forget you must be carrying flowers at the end of each level :slight_smile:

Even More Final Release

4094 bytes


Good job. The game worked fine.

Some suggestions:

  • Some way to control the character during a jump would be great. Yes, it is not realistic but it is the way most platform games work
  • Make the size of the collision rectangle/shape around the character much smaller. Make the collision shape for the feet separate from the head also.
  • Make the character’s mouth and eyes change a bit when the character is falling or bouncing. It looks a bit static at the moment.

I like your suggestions. After fixing up the scoring, there will be about 100 bytes left, so improvement may be possible at least one of the areas you mentioned. I’ll see what fits in the remaining size budget. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  1. Finished the Scoring and Gameover logic.
  2. Updated the bounding box. Now there’s a tighter bounding box when you are on the ground and a larger one when you are airborne.
  3. Out of room, 4096 bytes

The large bounding box really ruins the game :frowning:

While jumping you bounce into objects that are >16px away.

If you mean the platforms, then there’s not much I can do without breaking the levels.
(Not enough time now for a rewrite).

If you mean the objects, then the collision detection could be better, as it’s based on the sprite size which are multiples of 16 and square.
In particular the bounding box for the ladybird is a poor fit vertically. I’ll take another look at this, but struggling for bytes now.

Edit: I did a trial build with variable sized sprites. Problem now is you don’t get enough bounce off the ladybird to get to the platform. Also I’ve added too much code. Probably best to redesign the ladybird sprite to fill the 64x64 sprite and leave the code alone. Ho Hum.

Edit 2: I’ve shrunk the object bounding boxes and fixed the bounce off the back of the ladybird. Definitely an improvement :slight_smile:
However the codebase is now over 4k, so needs some optimisation or something taken out. That’ll have to wait for friday.

Last minute update with bounding boxes tightened up and some level modifications.