use FitBit game feedback?

Stray thought, was wondering if anyone has tried getting data from a player wearing a FitBit?

Possible uses:
for development, to measure response about what is exciting, boring
for play, to modulate some aspect, perhaps a level of difficulty, depending on the “stress” measured.

I suppose for a game like one where you are physically active (e.g., that one where a person is supposed to stomp on squares on the floor) it might make more sense.

And if there was a game design that would make sense, how would you get at FitBit data? Does it broadcast or stream at all?

This gives me an idea: in an exploration game, your real-world steps move you to a new location in the game. So to travel 10km in the game world, you have to walk 10km in the real world.

Might work in combination with a rotatable treadmill?

I was thinking it would only count the distance not the direction. So walking 10km in any direction gets you 10km closer to your destination in the game.