[URGENT] Looking for Java Developers!



  • Reinventing the wheel… - Check
  • …and wanting work done for free… - Check
  • …even though you can’t properly describe what you want to achieve - Check
  • Not even 16yo noob programmers fall for your bait because… - Check
  • [spoiler]…payment is in bellybutton-lint, exposure, v-bucks or steam codes probably - Check[/spoiler]
  • Last resort is typing “java forum” in google and posting in whatever board pops up - Check

All the signs are there [spoiler]:^)[/spoiler]

Protip: Open up a GitHub account. Dump your project there. Invite some people to contribute on GitHub. [spoiler]This was my honest advice in case you didn’t notice.[/spoiler]

I’ll take some vbucks as payment!

We were all like this at one point :stuck_out_tongue: At least he’s starting early. Don’t get discouraged, and keep on coding!

[quote]Don’t get discouraged, and keep on coding!
I’m sure he will continue and improve if he’s any good. I will happily applaud him if he comes around with anything of value to show off.

Its not for a game, also nobody said it was free work, there is a reason people have to message me for more details because im not allowed to discuss payment here… i was redirected here to look for java developers for more general java related work lol… not the gaming libraries.
(which has quite a good team now btw, its not about wanting free work its about people with the same ideas looking for a team.)

BUT if im to be honest, this little encounter has really turned me off from these forums, it seems as if its just a bunch of “hobbyist”, who probably aren’t even prepared for entry-level work. i’m glad i can see that now.

Allowed is spelled allowed, not aloud.


Work must pay, you show neither source code nor blueprint, you prefer disparaging us instead of admitting that you’re a beginner and your spelling mistakes just prove your lack of care and respect for us. Why not writing “I am” or at least “I’m” instead of “im” and “it’s” instead of “its”? How dare you claim that we’re just a bunch of hobbyists? Let’s assume that you’re right, should we be ashamed of being hobbyists? I’m an engineer in computer science, I’m not a native speaker/writer and I’m sure that I’m better prepared than you to work with people respectfully. You’re the noob, don’t switch roles.

since when are forums considered an essay? i don’t attempt to consistently have good grammar lol, its kinda sad thats (oh no! i did it again) the only topic you really fell on, thanks for the unneeded bump though, the team is already filled lol, and i work with people respectfully, why would i respect someone who posted out of lack of self control lol,no one had to say what they said to begin with, keep that shit on facebook and that goes to everyone who made irrelevant post on this thread… if you were really curious about the project you would hit me up and go through the process i asked you to go through, otherwise its a troll moment. just saying.

ALSO: The Entire blueprint/backbone and details/documents based on the project is included when you are accepted, I don’t release good things/ideas in a public forum only narcissist do that. (and being a narcissist is really the only thing keeping low level software developers like yourselves on these types of forums.)

thanks for reading and bumping guys, I can’t get anywhere without haters, so keep the flames alive on my next post okay? cool bye

just lol

You also never said it wasn’t free work.

Says who? I posted in here a few years ago asking to pay someone a few hundred dollars to write some graphics programming code. Worked out great.

Why are you talking about libraries now? No one brought this up.

Most of us here DO have jobs in the industry. But alright!

You’re trying to form a team of developers. That means management and payment. You better have proper grammer if you want to be taken seriously; you know, by us lowly hobbiest programmers.

All I see is one huge run-on. I think you fail to see that this is a community, not just a face-less forum like Game-dev.

Like, I felt bad because you’re clearly brand new and don’t know what you’re doing, but god, you had a 117 word sentence there.
Also I lol’d at you saying [quote]low level software developers like yourselves
because that was clearly meant as an insult but you didn’t realize that low level software developing is actually a pretty tough job. For future reference, low level is a shortcut for low level of abstraction, i.e. writing in Assembly.

Set a reminder on your phone for 10 years, hell, 5 years, to look at this post. I guarantee you’ll be proud of how far you’ve come. This is somewhat of the right attitude–going about it on your own, trying to find a team–but you’re executing it pretty wrong. Go work on your own project and learn how to come off as mature and you’ll be set.

EDIT-Oh damn he removed the post, there goes that suggestion. Does somebody have a screenshot?

I’m not sure that a public forum is the best place to have a slanging match. Now there is the legacy of a thread hanging around where a bunch of people pounced on a n00b and shredded them instead of a) being slightly more polite and b) private messaging about issues. A great welcome. They will likely not be back.

Cas :slight_smile:

I feel a bit guilty for escalating this, but the lulz was just too god damn delicious, i just couldn’t resist.
Also my pre-conceived notions about this guy have been pretty much confirmed by his butthurt replies ::slight_smile:

thats a lotta damage.
we need a FLEX seal tape to shut things up :point:

i know its late but funny, its exactly how i felt, even with the funds to hire programmers, most people on here think they no better about getting to the next level, its not always about the code skills, but im looking and still working on my own best seller, difficult to find people who think outside the box