Updating our entry

Will we be allowed to update our entry when votes will be finished ?
(I don’t know if it has already been asked)

I explain why this question :
In my case (Sorcerer4K) I corrected the character’s animation’s speed (not his ingame speed), which was different depending on the computer (which is a beginner mistake, I know… ;)) and thus the character seems to be less stressed now 8).
This is a minor update and I confirm that the game is exactly the same in his gameplay and graphics, and also size is under 4096k.
I’ve also notice that the site continues to propose this when we click on “edit game” button.

That’s why I ask it before making a mistake.

No I believe it’s too late now that the competition is over :frowning:

Excellent game by the way! I really enjoyed it and was very impressed with it :slight_smile:

Thanks for reply (and personal comment :))

I spoke about my personal case to give a example, but I think I’m not the only one interested in this question.
And I also agree that the contest is over and games must stay like they were when they have been rated.
It was just to be sure ! :wink:

Updating your game is OK, because the judging, both panel and community, is over.

As long it’s mainly about fixing your game, e.g. bugs, that’s alright.

Oh, I stand corrected!