Updates to Newbie Resources?

Can we get an updated list of newbie resources please? I know how much as changed between Java versions and some of those links don’t even work.

Welcome to jvm-gaming.org!

The site is very much a community effort. And keeping up with change is challenging. I am guessing we aren’t going to get much action on links or pages that are at the top of this thread. Some are 9 years old! Java has evolved considerably since then, with the pace quickening the last couple of years.

I recommend looking through the Gaming Wiki and the Articles and Tutorials sections.

If there was a particular article or link that seemed promising or that could benefit from an update, feel free to list it in a follow-up question. If you can identify the original poster or author of the tutorial, I recommend sending a request for an update via an @name or in a personal PM. I think there may be a few that could be persuaded to put in the work for a rewrite or refresh if presented with a respectful request and some appreciative feedback about the value of their work.

And if you find useful resources to share, please do so!