Unscheduled Linode Host upgrade wiped network-config, leading to JGO downtime

Couldn’t even SSH into the VM, the only network config left was

Sorry it took so long, didn’t notice it until half an hour ago. :persecutioncomplex:

Please address the site revamp / forum switch efforts.
Also join the discord.

@Cero I too really want to do that, but I’m unable to do that alone as I’m not that good with databases. If anyone who’s good with SQL can help me, I’m always ready to work on it.

I am pretty good with databases, db structure design, and can code SQL. (Been working as MS Access contractor part time for last 20 years. Yes, MS Access and VBA may not cut it, but have done a little MySQL and SQLServer work too here and there.) Maybe I can help. I will make some time, SHC, if you can provide direction and hand-holding with non-database aspects. phil @ adonax.com

@philfrei Please check your mail. I’ve e-mailed you.

Linode wiped the eth0-config again this morning.

I now added some scripting to the boot-process, such that JGO comes back online properly.