Ubuntu 12.04 Jogl 2 installation from the command line

Hello good people of JGO :slight_smile: I hope you can help me with my question.

I java programming from the command line and I have problems installing Jogl 2.

In the shell of Ubuntu 12.04 I have succesfully installed Jogl with

% sudo apt-get install libjogl-java

I can compile and run many code examples that I pick from the internet. But when I run this code:

System.out.println("OpenGL Version: " + gl.glGetString(GL.GL_VERSION));

it outputs:

OpenGL Version: 2.1 Mesa 8.0.4

I want to work with OpenGL ES and/or withOpenGL 3.

What % sudo apt-get install do you suggest and waht changes should I make to PATH and CLASS_PATH? ???

Thank you! X


I advise you to post your questions about JOGL 2.0 on the official forum.

Maybe install another driver. Which graphics card do you use?

Edit.: libjogl-java seems to rely on JOGL 1.1.1. Please rather use JOGL 2.0, you can install and run it in command line, it is explained in our wiki, don’t try to use pre-packaged versions, use the one provided by the JogAmp Foundation, the latest (today, November 20th, 2012) release candidate is here.

I will post my question there, too. Thank you for your time X :smiley:

You’re welcome.