This is my first entry ;D



This is a high-speed action game where you maneuver your space ship through a wormhole to reach the other end of the black hole. If u don’t make it in time, your spaceship would be sucked in the black hole forever!

Use Cursor keys to accelerate/decelerate & roll left/right. If you hit any of the blue slabs, the speed will reduce to 66% of the maximum speed (if you are already above that speed)

Instructions on running the apps:
The game is packed in a standalone executable JAR. Just download and double-click it.
It can also be run from the command line (java -jar Tunnel3D.jar)

I kept the maximum speed really fast since I feel its more fun that way. (You might have to tap left/right instead of holding them down to properly roll and avoid the obstacles)

Will add more stuff to it when I get time.

Till then enjoy :slight_smile:


could you make it java web startable? that way you can delete the .mf file in the zip and save a few 100 bytes plus it would make it much easier to test.


I knew somebody was going to use some old school tunnel effects for a game, looks very nice, the transparent menu is a nice touch. Only problem was, I couldn’t avoid the obstacles; it seemed like no matter what orientation I hit them it still slowed me down.

Game looks nice, but the actual game-play may need some work…

Dunno, for me, it’s easier to test .jar files. Just click download and “Run as Java Application” or whatever Firefox comes up with. Starts within a second.

Anywho, pretty cool game, but there’s a few things you could tweak with it.

  • Higher max speed and/or lower minimum speed. Feels like there should be a bigger difference, at least 2x
  • Some kinda indicator showing exactly what angle will pass. Maybe a line or circle?
  • Lower the view point a little. It sorta looks like you’re in the center of the tunnel, in which case your angle shouldn’t make a difference.
  • Slightly shorter game time. This also works better if you raise the max speed as well. It’s more fun to try a challenging game several times than semi-easy game a couple times.

Well that’s my opinion. Good potential with that game. :slight_smile:

My understanding of the rules, is that webstartable submissions must also be provided in an auto-executable jar form. (as this submission has been made)

The webstart functionality is simply for ease of use, and better version control, not to release you from your obligation to submit a fully compliant application.

Very funky game btw :slight_smile:

nope, the site says (on the submission page) you don’t have to provide a jar if you have webstart - you only have to when your signed webstart jar is above 4K but the unsigned normal jar is not.

I like the game! I don’t like the controls. I think this would be much better played with the mouse. If not with the mouse, the keyboard controls could be much better.

thx for the reply. Malohkan, you’re right, would be much better with the mouse. Will add that soon

Tunnel graphics look great. Especially the way it changes colour when you hit an obstruction. I went through very slowly (so I timed out), but still found it very difficult to control. The problem is probably how to give a good turn rate when you need it, but still allow fine control.

My solution (see Speed4k) is to use an angular acceleration variable, which (multiplied by frame time) is added to the rotational velocity each frame. When the left or right cursor keys are held down, the acceleration variable is incremented/decremented each frame (multiplied by the frame time again). The acceleration variable is hard limited to small positive/negative values and is reset to zero if either the left/right cursor key goes key-up.

This has the result that a short tap on the cursor keys gives a small movement, while a continuous hold quickly (in less than 0.25 secs) ramps up to the full rotational rate. The result is a fast rotational rate when you need it, but better control with the small taps.

Also, the collision detection is a bit harsh. I managed most of the time, but probably wouldn’t at the flight speed necessary to complete within the time limit.

This was tested on the Mac OS X 10.4 :slight_smile:


Hi Alan,
Thx for your feedback and testing it on Mac :). I’ll try to implement the controls using mouse when i get time

The trick I figured out is to spin yourself one direction by tapping an arrow key, then stop yourself at just the right time by tapping the opposite key. This method keeps you from overshooting, and is quite accurate. It seems to work as I got a “You Won” for my troubles.

The biggest problem I have is keeping my wits about me. As you pass through the tunnel, it can get easy to get confused. So confused that you sometimes move the wrong direction or don’t react fast enough. I just consider that part of the challenge, though. :slight_smile:


Nice effects. I agree with most comments poster before + you should probably make it “tick based” (movement proportional to delta time, instread of same movement per gameloop). I pushed forward up to max speed let go of the kbd and hit a wall, crused the whole hole :stuck_out_tongue: and made it to the end with plenty of time to spare. That and the fact that it was REALLY difficult to avoid hitting walls at top speed (Clearing 1 of 5 if lucky) makes me guess that it is running a bit faster on my machine than on the one where it was developed :slight_smile:

Got potention, but need some tuning

I concur, when running @ max fps, it is incredibly hard to dodge the walls - yet it seems almost impossible to lose.

It’s much too easy to win.

I made the “idiot test” and simply gave speed all the time and didn’t bother to rotate at all. I still won with about 30 secs left!

Tried just accelerating on my 1.67GHz powerbook. Still ran out of time. Maybe it’s more achieveable on a faster machine.

:slight_smile: yeah gameplay needs some tuning. will update later. Thx everyone for testing it

Oo I know! Write a random 100 meg file to the harddrive every time you hit a wall. That’ll be good incentive to not run into walls! :slight_smile:

I’ve only got 1.8GHz, so this should not make the difference.

I suggest a health meter that decreases each time you hit a wall… I mean, is that ship indestructable or what? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice one. But its possible to cheat when you are running out of time. Just press esc and then continue and you will get the time left-timer reset. :slight_smile: