Tropical Stormfront (RTS)

Tropical Stormfront" has now been released on Android, PC, Mac & Linux ;D
Official Web Site:

I am using LibGDX and OpenGL ES 2.0 for graphics. LWJGL for the backend on Desktop. I can highly recommend both libgdx & LWJGL ;D

If you want to try the full version, I can send you a license key for Desura, just ask! I tried to create a webstart version too but it didn’t want to work (>50MB). It just borked… Sorry!



Oooh, looks nice. :smiley:

I can’t see the screenshot.

Can you see it when you go here: ?

Looks really good, keep up the great work! :slight_smile:

Reminds me of red alert :smiley: Cool job m8

nope. maybe the ISP blocking it.

Yes, it’s actually somewhat similar to Red Alert, however very simplified compared to Red Alert!

Mhh, how about that (using imgur instead):

Got anything playable? :smiley:

I am actually planning on getting a webstart version ready in the near future! Still, I have to finish some game-play functionality before it’s ready for testing. I’ll post more in the future.

Thanks for the efforts. Now I can see it and… yeah really good graphics 8)

it got almost 200fps on your new build pc, I think it’ll be kinda friendly to old machine. Hope also put jar.

Do you have an own graphics artist or get images from somewhere?

The goal is to keep it fast enough for Android (+ later iOS), so yes, it should run fast enough on older computers too!

I hired a graphics artist (Nick Lee) for the images. Nick Lee is definitely worth every penny. Highly recommended! Here is his portfolio:

I’m impatient to give it a try, it reminds me Red Alert 2.

I updated the game description - I need volunteers to test it on Android (please read above) ;D

@gouessej: yes, it’s somewhat similar to Red Alert, although the units are different. Given the memory/graphics/processor etc. limitations on Android, I slightly had to scale it down in scope. ;D

The game has been released on Android! :smiley:

I finally managed to release the game on PC/Mac/Linux too!

If you want to try the full version, I can send you a license key for Desura, just ask! ;D

Really? ;D is desura as same annoying as steam?

This looks great. The only reason I’m not going to play today is that it will consume the rest of my week. By the way, how do you like publishing on Desura? Is it easy to integrate with their publishing platform?

Publishing the game on Desura worked great! The web site/client are well done in my opinion. There were a few times when I got confused (what’s a MCF?) but they guys from Desura helped explaining it all. Uploading all the files took quite some time though. I hope I don’t have to go through it again…

This game is reviewed by IGM, congrats!