Trek4k Boldly go where no 4k has gone

Here is my entry for the 4K contest. It is a asteroids like game. Check it out at

Asteroid like game with thruster controlled trek like ship.
Translucent shields.
Tumbling shaded cratered asterroids.
UFOs at higher levels.
Particle explosions.
Score and bonus ships.

Hope you like it.

Nice work!

It’s pretty fun and plays nicely.

very nice!

especially i like the idea that the ship does not just turn around but has to maneuver when changing direction.
but the ufos are pretty cool too …

btw: since i have tracked the 4k contest it seems that the quality has raisen enormously. most games are not only playable, furthermore ther are some great gfx implemented…

Here is an updated like the original no longer works.

That’s very cool!

I must totaly agree. That is what impresed me most. For 4k… really nice looking!