Tramantula Rising


Synopsis :
Play as a half-man half-spider in this revolutionary open-world RPG. With state of the art graphics and a rich storyline, Tramantula Rising is one of the most immersive games of 2016.

Play as Tramantula, the disaffected hero of a dying world. Armed with only a van and a dream, Tramantula seeks to bring justice to a world plagued by tyranny.

Save the world by traveling town to town throwing people into your van. But beware; Some people will try to kill Tramantula by spraying him with bug spray. Vomit on them to kill them before they can kill you!

Survive as long as possible, earn the highest score possible, and save the world!

Coming soon to Steam Greenlight and Google Play.

I just made this yesterday, it took about a day and a half to make. It’s not on steam greenlight just yet.

Edit :
Can’t get my image tag to work : (

Android download :

Click here to download the game if you want to try it : )

I’d love to hear some feedback.

There is no tutorial yet.

Use WASD to move, click to vomit. Hold space to try to pick people up. Space also enters and exits the van.

[ img ][ / img ]

Obviously remove the spaces. But that’ll work. You have to link directly to the image.


The game is now on steam greenlight!
I’m sure it wont get greenlit, but I already paid the $100 submission fee so I’m submitting as many games as possible to there.

This was surprisingly addictive, but no matter how hard I tried I could never get past wave 14. I think I might have fared better if those creeps with bug spray didn’t keep hiding behind my van! :slight_smile:

Only problem I had was that getting out of the van was tricky, I’d press space bar once and I’d flicker out of the van before quickly going back in the van. I had to spam the spacebar a bunch of times to get out.

Thanks Kailoss! I’m really glad you liked it.
I’ll fix the van issue as soon as I can. (And maybe make the bug spray guys render on top of the van)

If you’re in the bug fixing mood there is one other that I noticed, but it’s pretty small. The “your highest wave is” counter always displays 0.

Also, I just broke my record! Hi-score is 22 now! Shooting straight up in the air as I retreat seems effective, all hope is lost once they’ve box you in though. :slight_smile:

I’m always in the bug fixing mood ; )

I’m really glad you like it. People on steam greenlight hate it haha

Any ideas for how I should do the touch controls? I want to put it on android tomorrow. Maybe like tap where you want to vomit.

It probably needs a health bar too

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a AAA title or anything. It’s fun though and I like not knowing whether I’m really the hero or actually the villain. When I play the game I definitely feel like I’m some crazy drunk guy in a spider costume kidnapping strangers and vomiting on police officers. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for android controls… If you’re tapping where you want to vomit how are you moving around? The only input on most android phones/tablets is just the touchscreen I think. Being able to aim is pretty important, so maybe have buttons on the screen for moving left/right? Tap or double-tap to enter/exit van and pick people up could work. Maybe since you drop people in the van automatically, android version could also have you pick them up automatically? I don’t play many games on my phone but the ones I do play all have really simple controls.

I wouldn’t say no to a health bar, I don’t know how helpful it’d be though. Once your cornered by 3 or 4 of them there’s no getting out of it, even if your health was full.

The Steam Greemlight comments are REALLY harsh haha

This could really hurt you in the long run. If you have a reputation of uploading ridiculous games people might not take you seriously when you try to upload an actually polished game in the future. Just a thought.

Yea, I just took it down off Steam Greenlight.

Now available on the google play store for free : )
It has no advertisments or in app purchases.

Here’s the link :

The trailer was damn entertaining lmao :smiley:

Thanks!! I’m really glad you liked it : )