tPacker - Online tool for texture maps, animation sprite sheets and more!

Very helpful tool for every game developers, level or graphic designer, application developer. With this tool you can save a lot of time!


  • Creating texture maps,
  • Creating animation sprite sheets,
  • Previewing animations,
  • Creating icons for iOS and Android.

Why you should choose us?

  • There’s no need to download this software - It’s all happening Online!
  • You can store your textures online and have an easy access to them from everywhere around the world.
  • tPacker will do tedious work for you in just few seconds,
  • It automatically creates codes with coordinates of your images,
  • You can reduce size of your app up to 50%,
  • It’s compatible with many development platforms such as Corona Labs, Unity, Sparrow, MOAI, AndEngine, AppGameKit, LibGDX and many more.

Watch our tutorial, sign up for FREE trial and tell me what do you think about it!
tPacker Tutorial link
For more info check tPacker site!