Tower defense/Protect the castle Project


I’m looking for someone interested in making a small game with me. It will be a mix between a tower defense game and a protect the castle game (you know the type of game where you have a load of enemy coming at you for everywhere and there is a base in the middle of the map that you need to protect).

So, you get the basic idea. You will have a castle in the middle of a square map. Enemy will come from anywhere and try to destroy your castle. But, you must protect it by building wall and tower. So, yeah a simple game but it’s always fun. (This is a good example of the style of game : Revenge of the Titans.)

There will be 4 types of building

  1. The castle to protect
  2. Towers
  3. Walls
  4. Building generating money for the player

I would be interested in someone

  • with a good knowledge of the Java language
  • respectable skills in mathematic and logic
  • who will participate (yeah that’s the hard part :slight_smile: )
  • who will be easy to reach/communicate with (second hard part)
  • who love to design game

Other information

To tell the truth, I don’t need help with the coding at all. I can deal with all the technical stuff and the algorithm. What I really need would be someone that will take this project as his own. Think of yourself like a game designer. What I need help with is to make a good gameplay out of this game. But I don’t want someone who will just shout idea and do nothing. You need to be able to code your idea but I will be there for all the tricky part so you can just code the design (like what is the range of the tower, how much damage does it do, how resistant is a wall, how many sort of tower there is, how much time does it take to build a tower, etc). Of course there is the testing of the game.

More information

First, this project will be a prototype to see if we can get a fun gameplay. If we succeed we can proceed to make it a full game. But as it is just a prototype (I won’t bother about sounds and graphics). Still if you are a beginner in game programming, you could learn a lot stuff like :

  • game loop
  • pathfinding
  • gui in game
  • how to deal with input from the player


If you are interested just leave a post in this thread or a private message. Describe yourself shortly. So I will give it a shot

Hello, I’m 23 year old and I’m a 3rd year student in software engeneering in Canada. I speak french and english (better in french :slight_smile: ). Here are two of my project : Pathfinding and Tutorial+GeometryWar remix

Oh wow this would be perfect for me since I love doing all that stuff plus I speak French too :stuck_out_tongue:

However, I am a tiny bit busy at the moment so I don’t know.

Glad you are interested. It will be a slow pace project. Doing a bit of work every week. I don’t really like doing rush of work and doing nothing else for a couple of day.

I am eager to have pure game designer role.

I have made two finished games with Java allready. Other won 2nd prize at slick2d 2011 competition.

At summer I have two jobs but I don’t have any game projects now so I have some time and will.

I am also software engineering student(5th year).

Have you decided any technical stuff allready?

For technical stuff, I’m planning to use :

  • Slick2D
  • Pathfinding is homemade
  • SVN/googlecode to store/share the project code
  • Eclipse for coding (any other IDE is fine too as long as it separate .java and .class file)
  • I usually build my GUI from scratch (never used a library before, but if we feel we need it we could chose one)
  • You need to use a chat (like msn) and an email adress that you check regularly (dont want to have someone dead for 1 month). A forum might be an option too but not in my plan for now.

I could probably have a skeleton of the project up in one week. It would include the following thing

  • The map
  • The castle
  • One sort of tower
  • Enemy poping around the edge of the map and moving toward the castle finding their way between your tower.
  • Pathfinding integrated
  • Basic GUI to place the tower.

Well that’s just to give a starting point and everything can be redesign.

Sounds good?

N.B. ra4king seems to be interested in the project too. I don’t know if you guys mind working in a team of 3 or prefer to work in pair. You can discuss that here. Personally, I’m don’t want to have a team bigger than 3 person.

Everything sounds fine but I would prefer IRC.

Did I understand concept right:

  • At middle there is castle.
  • Enemys can come at any direction.
  • Player can place towers to anywhere inside map but if block enemy route towers get killed.
  • Player can upgrage castle and towers.
  • Enemy try to destroy castle walls and breach inside.
  • Player get money from some buildings.
  • Enemies come in waves and these are predefined or generated.(locations are still randoms)
  • Everything is super fun.

I would definetly want make this as applet.

IRC is fine with me and I would like to make it an applet too.

You got the idea right but I was thinking to make everything destructable so you can block enemy with your tower but they might decide to attack them if you block the path.
Also, wave could be predifined or generate randomly with increasing difficulty, let’s see what work out the best.
I didn’t thought of a style yet but middle age would be a good option.

N.B. Miscliked appreciate :slight_smile:

I somehow thought middle age becouse there is castle. I am open to any themes.

Currently tweaking the pathfinding.