Toras Blocks 4k

Hi everyone!

My first entry this year is Toras Blocks 4k, a puzzle game about a block loving girl names Tora.

Check it out here:

Can you complete all 25 levels? ::slight_smile:

I tried the first couple of levels. Not really my type of game, so I couldn’t last very long. :slight_smile: It worked really well though. Nice smooth animation going on, which is nice to see at 4k.

If you have any bytes left, I think some sounds could spice it up quite a bit.

Good job on this game :slight_smile:

Completed. The later levels were interesting as there were quite a few ways to muck up. I would have liked something interesting to happen when level 25 completed, but probably not much space left.

What about widening the game screen size by 50% for this nice puzzle ?

The game is originally an Android game (it’s not on the Android market (yet? :persecutioncomplex:)) with the resolution 320x480. In the 4k-version I removed some rows on each level to save space. It would be nice with 50% wider levels if I could add additional blocks - this would result in more complex levels. Unfortunatly there’s not much place for that, unless I remove some levels.

I could probably stretch the game by 50%, but that would make the blocks non quadratic and probably make Tora look fat. ;D

Yes, it’s a bit of an anticlimax; you finish the game and nothing happens. :slight_smile:
Unfortunately there’s not very much space left (unless I remove some levels).

Thanks for your feedback! Sound would be very nice, but there is not very much space left. :frowning:

I will probably use sound in one of my future Java4k-game.

Completed the first 10 levels after I got a bit bored (even though I usually love these kind of games). The difficulty level increased way too slowly.



I have updated the game, and tried to make the game harder and more challenging. It was a bit easy before.

The following changes were made​​:

  • The levels are now much more challenging.
  • There is an enemy: Tora evil shadow. Do not let it catch you! :o

Still lots of bytes left actually! I might add more stuff if I get some free time… ;D