Topic Request

While writing these topics willy-nilly as we think them up will be useful (Everyone has their own specialized area of interest where they’re probably highly knowledgeable and informative), there should probably be a spot for us to make requests for topics which we’re interested in, but not knowledgeable, that the rest of the community might be able to fill in.

If you write a Wiki-Post in response to a given request, please update the list with the link to it (Just in case the topic isn’t immediately obvious).


I like the idea of a wiki on a forum…

Added two areas I’d like to write more guides on, if I ever find the time. :slight_smile:

The Arcsynthesis tutorials are amazing for modern OpenGL, which includes shaders + VBOs + VAOs.

There are also a couple 2D lighting posts on this forum, if you search right.

Put your nifty search results in the wiki article then.

Quick and crude first pass here:,

I am not sure if the proper way of asking for a tutorial is to edit the OP, but I did, I would really appreciate if someone makes a good tutorial on active rendering.
If this post or my edit was not the proper way, please go ahead and do what is necessary :slight_smile: