Titanfall - some math on server bandwidth requirements.


It doesn’t mention or address the lack of continuity, coherence & community endemic with matchmaking systems.

While this isn’t something that’s been a major part of console gaming, PC has (until fairly recently) enjoyed the benefits of the traditional server browser + private servers model.
While such a system doesn’t scale as neatly or efficiently as the cloud-based system described for Titanfall, the community benefits of static named servers cannot be understated.
Being able to visit the same server, and encounter the same ‘locals’ is an invaluable foundation upon which friendships & a community grows.

That’s something Blizzard have really missed with games like Hearthstone.
The degree of anonymity given to players means it’s essentially a glorified Turing test; A community will never develop in such a sterile environment.
This is IMO a missed opportunity, as social investment can be a huge draw to keep players coming back long after they’ve exhausted the content of the game itself.

I think that’s why Twitch streams are so successful; however chaotic they can be, they permit the social interaction that isn’t provided by most modern games.