Titan Attacks


There you go, done. There are bugs, but I’ll fix 'em in a bit. No Linux (Webstart) version yet, will do that tomorrow.

Cas :slight_smile:





Wee ;D/

Hm. The first level is ultra hard with a shitload of enemies which all take a shitload of hits. Didnt manage to beat it… o_O

Is that the crippling in action?

Sun Mar 05 03:05:24 CET 2006 You have played Titan Attacks 1 times for 137 minutes
Sun Mar 05 03:05:24 CET 2006 Max games 5 / max time 10 / max level 0

Says the log.

edit: uninstalling it left some odd TitanAttacks.exe.txt and OpenAL32.dll behind.

Can’t even get past the first level. Is there some trick?

Hmmm, think I’ll wait for the updated version… Screenshots look sweet though.

Edit: Correction screenshots are @!#$ing beautiful!

You guys stink :slight_smile:

I got all the way to the Alien home world and crashed the game ;D (I’m playing on Mac, not sure if that makes a difference.)
You need to fix those bugs Cas’… I would have had a great high score.

I got all the way to the Alien home world and crashed the game

Managed that with the beta, too. But when I played it was really too hard. And I dont mean “hard” as in “difficult”… it was completely unbeatable afaict (you simply cant deal enough damage - even with ultrafast tapping and taking out the closer ones first [for higher firerate]). It was like playing level 30 or 40 without any powerups.

The first “shitload” means about 40 and the second one means about 5-10 or more hits. Cant really tell how many hits they took, because they were overlapping all the time.

Hmmm…It started me on level 81 which was damn near impossible without any powerups. I uninstalled incase there was baggage from the beta causing it. Then I launched and it was expired and I couldn’t play at all :frowning:

Sorry sorry sorry! I uploaded the debug build last night which starts on level 81 by accident!

Please redownload!

If any of you guys would like a code drop me a line.

Cas :slight_smile:

couple of things:

  • installer made a folder called TitanAttacks - instead of Titan Attacks (both in start menu and folder on disk)
  • shortcuts to license, order and readme didn’t work (files missing)
  • Briefly played the game, and the logs said: Sun Mar 05 09:36:23 CET 2006 You have played Titan Attacks 0 times for 11 minutes
  • uninstalling left OpenAL32.dll and folder behind
  • highscore missing
  • installed, uninstalled, installed - on each startup I am asked to register or join mailinglist - if I choose not to, I am asked to buy or submit to invasion at which point it exits to site. If I decide to register or be on the mailinglist instead the game throws an ingame error (generic) when registering and lets me play the game.

Game looks, sounds and plays great - as usual. I’ll play some more later…

Got this bug report (from bra1n/suck3r):

Bomb out at the alien homeworld.

Sun Mar 05 19:17:53 CET 2006 at invaders.Entity.setAppearance(Entity.java:69)
Sun Mar 05 19:17:53 CET 2006 at invaders.behaviours.Centipede$PodInstance.(Centipede.java:316)
Sun Mar 05 19:17:53 CET 2006 at invaders.behaviours.Centipede$Instance.morphIntoPod(Centipede.java:251)
Sun Mar 05 19:17:53 CET 2006 at invaders.behaviours.Centipede$Instance.onDamaged(Centipede.java:208)
Sun Mar 05 19:17:53 CET 2006 at invaders.Gidrah.damage(Gidrah.java:373)
Sun Mar 05 19:17:53 CET 2006 at invaders.Gidrah.onCollisionWithLaser(Gidrah.java:344)
Sun Mar 05 19:17:53 CET 2006 at invaders.addons.LaserEffect.doTick(LaserEffect.java:117)
Sun Mar 05 19:17:53 CET 2006 at net.puppygames.applet.effects.Effect.tick(Effect.java:78)
Sun Mar 05 19:17:53 CET 2006 at net.puppygames.applet.Screen.tick(Screen.java:381)
Sun Mar 05 19:17:53 CET 2006 at net.puppygames.applet.Screen.tickAllScreens(Screen.java:680)
Sun Mar 05 19:17:53 CET 2006 at net.puppygames.applet.Game.tick(Game.java:1715)
Sun Mar 05 19:17:53 CET 2006 at net.puppygames.applet.Game.run(Game.java:1358)
Sun Mar 05 19:17:53 CET 2006 at net.puppygames.applet.Game.init(Game.java:733)
Sun Mar 05 19:17:53 CET 2006 at net.puppygames.applet.Launcher.main(Launcher.java:64)


Seems to work great for me. Got up to an 8x multiplier without dieing on my first try… then the ships started firing at an angle. Started losing sheilds around then. Only slight problem is I think I encountered a small amount of slowdown at one point while blowing up several guys at the same time; though maybe that was my computer just spontaneously running slow for no reason.

Very fun for a space invaders type game, since I usually find them boring (this wasn’t). Nice style too.

No problems so far. Only made it to the 8 wave. Will have to try harder.

Woot!! Beat Matzon’s hiscore finally! I’m sure it won’t last long so I’m celebrating now ;D


Just finished the demo.

Loved the artwork and particle effects.
Loved the old school gameplay.
Loved the supergun.

Pissed off when my ship spontaneously exploded as the demo ended. :slight_smile:

hehe - I actually comitted suicide at that point :stuck_out_tongue:
I was doing some screenshots for http://lwjgl.org/projects.php and it was going so well I might as well take a stab at the highscores - having looped the game twice I thought I had more than enough - but someone else had 100k more than me :frowning: so I ended up 2nd.
it’s gone up to ~ 40mill now tho!

Not for long :slight_smile: I am going to wipe the hiscores in a week because the 1.0 version had a few, er, exploits which could easily be used to rack up those multi-millions. Download 1.1 and try to beat 10 million I dare you 8)

Cas :slight_smile:

Everything is great, except one thing. I find the early bonus levels a bit unfair. You don’t have enough speed to get some saucers. Sometimes one will come out and you start to go towards it and it turns and goes the other way. There is no chance for you to catch it because it is going at top speed and it turned before it even hit the screen midpoint. I know that bonus levels are supposed to be challenging, but they should not be impossible.

Although I must really suck. My best score is ~700,000. :’( :slight_smile:

Yeah, you do suck :slight_smile: I can often get 100% in the first 3 bonus stages, and I’m not even particularly good at my own game!

Cas :slight_smile:

I finally suck a little less.(Or you made it easier) Also I like the dark glow behind the bullets. I was always running into things that I didn’t know where they came from, because my attention was on the aliens and not all the bullets flying. The dark glow made it easier to pick them up in your peripheral vision.