TinyGame 2010 Contestants on a single page.

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Some issues, sound tends to not work most of the time. Also the javascript for applet tags is quite unreliable, I tried several iterations of onFocus, onMouseOver etc. but couldn’t get anything working reliably. If anyone has any idea how to do this properly let me know (just trying to display description/instructions for focused game).

I’m actually quite lucky there was only 5 entries, this would have been a nightmare if I got more than about 8.

The page worked okay for me (although pausing/restarting is a bit erratic between the different applets). I think the games look pretty cool grouped together like this!

How about a link to this from the voting thread?


Looks very cool with all the games on the same site, especially when playing all games at the same time.

It works fine for me, except the javascript is a bit buggy. But how you mean the sound is not working most of the time? It worked fine for me, but I know in my own game the sound always is a bit buggy.

[quote]How about a link to this from the voting thread?
I updated the voting thread. The sound issues I tend to get (on linux) is one game will get sound and all the others won’t be able to get a SourceDataLine. Probably just a linux issue with the sun-java6-plugin. the OpenJDK plugin would have better support for pulseaudio but crashes about half the time.

For the instructions, have you tried to put the onmouseover in the td tag instead?

I tried onmouseover, onmousedown, onfocus on both the applet and the parent td tag, none of them worked reliably.