Great stuff, I really appreciate you taking the time to experiment with the code!
I added your logic and played around with it. The game plays out really well if you allow the AI to build up its villages. More troops = more fun, I think. However, if you build 1 soldier quickly, you can take all of the villages on the map before the AI gets the chance to develop.
Nonetheless, I think your logic is a step in the right direction.

Oddly enough, there is a comment in my notes, saying: ‘single resource pool versus resource pool per village - latter is more like Civ, encourages each town to be properly developed’… not sure this worked out quite as I originally intended!

I seem to be getting 2 comments regarding the difficulty: from developers (i.e. you guys) - “it’s too easy”; from friends and family - “it’s a bit hard”. Perhaps I need to find friends/family who are more competent game players ;D

Anyway, I hope to submit a new version with ‘improved’ AI in the next few days. Time will tell if it really is ‘improved’ or not!

If you have room perhaps you could have a easy/hard AI options?


Really Addicting

I’ve just uploaded a new version to the usual place.

This includes tweaks to the balancing and the AI. Hopefully this version will provide more of a challenge!

Here are the changes:

  • AI build rate is much faster
  • each AI has its own opening strategy for the first few buildings
  • each new woodcutter/mine that you build reduces the effectiveness of all buildings of the same type in that village (thanks bernieberg for that idea)
  • villages gain background resources 33% quicker

I have a couple more things that I would like to add, but space (in bytes) and time (my free time) are conspiring against me…!

I agree :smiley:

Still a bit too easy but at least it is a step in the right direction :slight_smile: One awesome thing to add would be difficult level where, if you select medium/hard, the computer starts cheating and gets extra resources.


You read my mind! ;D
I’ve uploaded another version, which includes a difficulty level. Press any key (er… except alt/shift/control…) to toggle between normal and hard difficulty.
If you don’t see the difficulty level in the top right-hand corner, then please clear your java applet cache.

haha, very nice game. I like this kind of games.
You have my vote ;D

I can give you a way to win in les than 2 min in hard mode. Past 10 min you have few chance if you don’t posses half the town. So for me the game balance have little problem.
Last time I clean the map with only 1 troop in 92s.
I admit it stay a very good game :wink:

Teach this to your IA and nobody can win :wink:
Build just 1 ore then1 wood building at start, as fast as possible in this order.
Wait and use your first troop to kill purple (or nearest enemy, generally purple build ore building fast then he is more dangerous) since IA build 3 building at start he has 0 troops to defend. If you are fast you can kill another IA in the same way. Now you may have 2 troop and last IA one… finish him !