Tilt Maze 4k

A simple 4k version of the famous maze.


Doesnt work for me :frowning:
I cant seem to focus it on Opera browser

do you experience the same problem with other games at java4k or it’s only with this one? Also, did you try Theseus vs Minotaur (my other game) if the problem also happens?

Yup i have the problem on both of the games :-.

I run. Just can’t pass lvl 3 ;D

I will have to install Opera to check what is going on. No idea. I’ll be posting the source code of the games as soon as I clean it, so someone else can help fixing it.

Omg how much level there is? I’m currently at level 22! Oh oups you can do next :slight_smile:

I got to beat those 2 last levels.

N.B.: For all people trying it, do the maze in reverse order it is much easier but you need to find the trick to do it. There is also an additional trick when there is more than one target but you can try to find it.

@luisoft : Did you create all those level yourself? It must have taken a lot of time to think about them.

OK only 23 now :slight_smile:

EDIT : All levels beaten.

All levels were designed by Andrea Gilbert. I just implemented the game logic and a simple level editor to design them. She seems to be fascinated by mazes. Check out her site: http://www.clickmazes.com/.

Solved all the levels. Here are the solutions I’ve found.

Level 1:

Level 2:

Level 3:

Level 4:

Level 5:

Level 6:

Level 7:

Level 8:

Level 9:

Level 10:

Level 11:

Level 12:

Level 13:

Level 14:

Level 15:

Level 16:

Level 17:

Level 18:

Level 19:

Level 20:

Level 21:

Level 22:

Level 23:

That’s dedication :slight_smile:

That’s why he’s deserve a medal :slight_smile: