Tide Frog 2.0!

I found out about this competition about 2 weeks before the due date, and what I came up with is a strange retro-frogger/tilt-puzzle mashup.


If you played it when I first uploaded it, give it another try. I added some levels, a main menu, and a LEVEL EDITOR!
At only 3.18k, I’m satisfied with my first j4k submission.


I really like this game. It’s an original concept (or at least I haven’t seen anything similar to it before) and the level editor is definitely a nice touch. My only criticism is that it doesn’t appear to be double-buffered, at least on my machine.

thanks. it is double buffered, except for the level data input box.

Thank you for trying to innovate! The game is great! I love the twist :slight_smile:
Somehow it flicks a lot for me :frowning: