This is one of the worst feelings i ever had

Hello JGO,

I have no idea if this subject has been discussed here before and neither if we are allowed to talk about it here or not, but am going to start this topic anyway and i hope i got some wise answers, as always.

2 days ago some of my friends initiated a discussion about the deep web, and just like every time this subject is brought, people tend to start using their imagination a little bit more than usual, since it’s something that is supposed to be invisible then you can start claiming any sort of things and just say that the others are not good enough to find it, however, this time i was discussing it with someone that i don’t think he tend to act like that, and he told me that he found things that i REALLY thought that they existed on Hollywood movies or some CriminelMinds-Like TvShow. So i decided to make a little dive in what’s called the deep web, and i wish i didn’t…


The question is, why does this shit exist ??? and am not talking about the sick people who are doing it, no these are sick and they will always continue to exist, am talking about those who have the power, FBI, NSA, CIA, Interpol, the coon, anyone??
is it really that hard to shut this f**kers down ?? they are using the internet right ? and they need internet providers right ? so there is surely a way to track them down or at least shut down these websites, no ? am not a big fan of the conspiracy theory, but, they are not ignoring and/or supporting this right ?

Thank you.