Thinking of the big project

So, I’ve tested the skills to the degree that I’m ready to take on a full project that will ultimately be published as a freemium game focused on android, with a PC port.

I started looking at the metrics for android games, and card, board, and puzzle games are the overwhelming majority of downloads. With both ideas I had brewing tied for a distant second… Strategy and platforming. Not great news, AND no help for the decision.

I’ve been casually writing and sketching stuff because I had anticipated that the project that I just wrapped up, technically complete minus the story and balancing type stuff, but that’s down to filling out the scripts more than anything, and the stories can either play out as a metroidvania style OR something like If Starcraft had a baby with a rogue game…

Is anyone willing to offer pointers of which way to lean? Any elaborating questions?

I know the android market is saturated, but it’s a blend between triple A games that are cash grabs and crap for the google ads…

Anyway, appreciate any pointers.

A degree isn’t going to help you make a game. Assuming that’s what you’re taking about.

Practice will help you. That’s it :slight_smile:

I think what he’s asking has nothing to do with any degrees: He feels competent enough to go for a larger project but he’s not sure if it’s viable to release something into the mentioned android market segment (Strategy and platforming). He’s not sure if there’s a market/appreciation for the type of game he describes in the lower half of his post.

I wouldn’t know either :smiley: I mean who does? Maybe it gets 12 downloads, maybe 500000…
You have to do lot’s of active marketing like posting in forums and on social sites for a long time to get recognition without any marketing budget at all.

Not quite, more that I’ve had enough practice to where I’m confident that I’m ready to tackle a project that I can see through to the end.

I’m more looking for something to help me figure out which direction to continue… (since I’m really torn and both ideas could be pretty good, relative to the average game on app stores.)

I’m not so concerned about how successful, since that’s essentially like winning a lottery IMO… looking at the metrics was more to see if RTS games are more popular generally, since that would have made the decision easier.

With the 2 stories that I’ve been planning out, they started as the same but then divergences were needed and then it was a split where one direction would be better as a platform / metroidvania type and the other is better as an RTS style.

I’m just aiming for something that might help me lean more towards one or the other since it’s getting to where the split concentration will become a detriment to getting started.

I don’t know if I have a good answer here, but go for a good game and no cash grabs even if it’s free. The players will appreciate it more. I think you’ve proved yourself enough to make a good ass game. Now, if you’re really trying to make money, go for the cash grabs lol. Otherwise, I worked on Dodger Dog for like 3 years of my life and put it up for free with no marketing and no adds (granted its all on desktop), and I think I’ve got like 20 downloads :slight_smile: So there’s that.

More than anything else, I HATE those games that are all in app purchase… I can think of a few examples where there is a fun game that is buried under time constraints + upgrading time etc…

In terms of model, I come from shareware days. I’d rather tempt people with the first segment.

Anyway; since I want to first target android, what is tricky is the on screen controls they rarely get handled well or get so simple that it hurts gameplay.

With an RTS style, can really take advantage of the touch screen controls… except the overall complexity and balancing going up big time.

Time wise, I know that I’m looking at a long-term project, and ultimately, and the budget being little more than my time.

What I’ve been working on was an RPG framework that, holy ____ I did not expect the complexity level… so much you take for granted. That’s effectively done in that it is playable; but most characters conversation is “this is a test”… never had intention of making it complete (stolen assets). Just to cover the last areas that I felt would be better to know before tackling a serious project that was to implement what was learned.

I’m in a similar boat to you. I’ve been (re)learning Android and libGDX, with the intention of releasing a “real” game sometime this year. (Looking at the calendar that might not be realistic anymore, but that’s okay.)

I think your head’s in the right place: you’ve mentioned a few things you like and dislike about other games or marketing strategies. That’s good. Make the game you want to see in the world. Make the game you’d want to play.

Don’t worry so much about the market, or the metrics, or what’s trending, or whether the app or play stores are saturated. Make a game that you’d enjoy.

Keep your first “real” game simple, but polished. Focus on one mechanic, and put together 10 levels that explore that mechanic. Then release it. Your goal should be to get 10 people to download your game.

Rinse and repeat. Build a new game that explores another mechanic, or that expands on your first game. Don’t toil away for months! Scope your project so you can wrap it up and release it within a month. With your second game, try to get 100 people to download it. Your third game, 1000 people. Build from there.

I very much agree with @KevinWorkman. In my experience, desire for success falls far short of enough motivation to complete a game. I am motivated to work on my game because holy shit I want to play it so bad.

Thanks for the further comments…

I really was only looking at the metrics as like a dice roll, to help clear the decision. I mean, in my head a and b were split decision so, if a is like 20% of downloads and b is 5% then it’s ok, idea A is more conducive to the market so it tilts the decision.

That does give the idea that should just start with a simplified model, but complete. Then sequel to add more, etc… I suppose, since all I’ve really done so far was remake some games, I’ve done all the parts that lead to a complete game, but I’ve done a simple tetris, a megaman style shooter, now a top down rpg (that is complete in the sense that all the things that would go to complete it are there, just mostly scripting) but, since the assets aren’t mine to sell, it was never intended to be polished off (and wow I never would have expected just how much goes on with an RPG)

Honestly, i am less concerned with “success”… any that comes would be bonus…

I think it may come down to just starting on the artwork and let what comes out guide things…