Theseus vs Minotaur

This is a 4k version for a game I found when googling about mazes. Robert Abbott invented the rules for Theseus, and designed the first maze. Take a look at his excellent Logic Mazes site ( for lots more information on this and many other puzzles. I have used the same 10 levels of the page above.

As soon as I am able to solve the problem with pack200 I will put a level editor inside the game so you can create your own levels. I’m also working on a puzzle solver for Theseus and if I have room I will also add it to to game.


Send me your comments.

Interesting maze game! The graphics are quite pleasing, the only thing is that the game is a bit too hard for me :stuck_out_tongue:
I hardly passed the 2nd level, and I can’t think of any working combination for the 3rd one :frowning:

+1 for the solver, if you eventually have to choose between that and an editor, I would actually enjoy the solver more.

Looks great and plays pretty great too, only thing is you’re missing a wait in place option. Puzzle 3 is impossible without it. Also, when the timer runs out, the game jet kinda stops. Was that supposed to happen?? Other than that, a well made recreation.

I couldn’t solve Level 2 :confused:
I got this exception while playing Level 2:

Exception in thread "Thread-14" java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -1
	at Source)
	at Source)

I was able to get to level 3 before encountering this same stack trace.

Nice game and challenging.

I experienced same exception.
Also, I could not solve level 3.

Luckilly I found N (ext) and P (revious) keys to navigate through levels.

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Thanks for testing it.

@Groboclown and @ra4king: do you remember what were the steps did you used to get the exception?

I’m still working on the maze solver and I want to fix this problem. I’ll also add the wait function, you will need it in more complex levels.

Fixed null pointer exception and added wait your turn option so maze 3 is now solvable. Still working on a maze solver.

Interesting concept and good implementation. My only regret is that the Minotaur’s movement is not decomposed. It feels a bit like if it was warping from a place to another. But I wouldn’t mind if you didn’t correct that.

And thanks for your link about mazes. Receive my favorite one in return :

Fixed warping effect, now the movement of both theseus and minotaur are smooth. Great link! thanks StephR.