The Winners!

Here are the totals:

First Place
Bend Hero by kevglass with 92% positive votes out of 25 total votes!
Second Place
Cat On a Wire by Orangy Tang and CherrySlug with 91.7% positive votes out of 24 total votes!
Third Place
Bunnies in the Clouds by SimonH with 73.7% positive votes out of 19 total votes!
Fourth Place
Steel Mill Duke by Alan_W with 30.8% positive votes out of 13 total votes!
Fifth Place
Bending Techniques by me with 30% positive votes of out of 10 total votes!
Sixth Place
Duke Ben Dover - Kick Ass by steveyO with 25% positive votes out of 8 total votes!
Seventh Place
Rocky - the illegal pool jumper by dertom with 23.1% positive votes out of 13 total votes!

Congratulations on finishing, everyone!

kevglass wins $125, a copy of Droid Assault, Titan Attacks, Ultratron, and Minecraft for getting first place!
Orangy Tang wins $75, a copy of Droid Assault, Titan Attacks, Ultratron, and Minecraft for getting second place!
SimonH wins $50, a copy of Droid Assault, Titan Attacks, Ultratron, and Minecraft for getting third place!
All entrants win a copy of Ultratron for participating and making an awesome game!

To receive prize money, please PM me with a valid Paypal account, and I will get you the money shortly.

Markus_Persson and princec have been kind enough to offer free games to the winners and participants. If the two of them could please post here instructions on how each person can receive the prizes, that would be great.

Thanks again to our sponsors! Thanks to all the entrants and to everyone who tried to enter, and thanks to all the great JGO members who played and voted! Come back next time, and bring your friends!

To claim your Minecraft accounts, just give me a user name for a registered user, and I’ll flip the switch. =)

Wow, awesome! :slight_smile: I would have posted earlier but I’ve been busy telling everyone I can find :slight_smile:

Well done to everyone, it was good fun - really enjoyed reading the journals (infact it cut into my time a bit too much ;)).

Great stuff, and thanks to Demonpants for organising the comp.


Congrats kev! A good compo all round. :slight_smile:

Yes,…congrats to the winners! I’m looking forward to the next compo…

Gee that’s close! Congrats to everyone.

And a great initiative by Demonpants.

I’d like to try and give it a go next time

blush I’m not sure I can take the cash for such a blatant clone - I’d have to send at least half to Ferry Hallim… So, can we leave that $50 in the prize pot for the next compo? (I’m sure Ferry won’t mind!)

Well done all - some great work - looking forward to next time!

Sure, will do. We’ll say it’s your donation to the next compo. :slight_smile:

On behalf of Cas, because something is wrong with his account (keeping him from posting here):

In order to claim your prize, please email him at cprince …domainat… with your username, name, and email address and he’ll get you a copy straightaway.