The vigilante

The vigilante!

So I started making this game last term at my school just for fun really im starting computer science so it would be nice to go into it with a game so I can get my ability going.
I got into it more and more now during this time I was playing a game called space station 13 if you have heard of it you will notice simliarities. Space station is hmm a “rustic” kind of game it has that feel to it that its fun but put together poorly.

So I continued with the vigilante and took a few things that I like from space station with it mainly the inventory style which has left hand right hand suit storage etc and also how the game was going to play so instead of having a set story line and also not having no story line it has things you need to do for the game to be fun but also stuff that is just there to play with.

The game at the moment is just basic framework lots of features to be implemented. I have a blog up about current progress ----><---- which gets updated often.

Current features - Basic rendering (obviously), shooting system, mouse handling, somewhat functioning inventory and hotbar, fully set out gui code, Objects, Tiles , Entitys , Movement and a minor health system.

Planned features - Powernets, atmosphearics simulation, lighting system , explosions , MOAR GUNS!, MOAR OBJECTS, Interactable objects such as a lathe maybe a computer, multiplayer(when everything else is done),other mobs,map editor(again like multiplayer) , vehicles & edible items.

*note I am terrible at sprites and by terrible I mean horrific, So if anyone would like to help I would gladly accept it and mention you somewhere in the game or how you would like to be mentioned.

All other stuff is over at the blog ----><----

No release of the game yet at there are no features to use fully. will be one in the future though!

Hmm java has decided to become dodgy all of a sudden only throwing errors when exported …
anyway lighting code is almost complete.

Time for a demo of the lighting (no release yet)

So, you were from Byond, I’m from there too. I know you’re brazillian, so, sorry to english people that are reading this post. You probably won’t understand.

Amigo, é de certa forma criativa a sua ideia de criar um jogo assim, eu nunca fui de gostar de Space Station, por isso talvez eu seja um pouco demasiado crítico com seu jogo, eu acho que os icons, eles não se “condensam”, eles não fazer um bom papel ai porque eles se repetem, não se juntam para criar um icon “maior” e concreto, por exemplo;

Viu como o icon da água ficou bela, não repetida, pois ela se condensou com as demais águas e formou apenas um objeto, mas olhe para areia atentamente, ela ficou feia, com pontos repetidos no sombreamento e na iluminação, não precisa mudar isso no jogo se você quiser, é só uma opinião que talvez possa parecer pura ignorância, só te desejo tudo de bom e boa sorte com o jogo.

sorry not brazilian. but I do see where you coming from thanks to the wonders of google translate and I think i can fix up the system. As I said im a horrific spriter and its mainly framework so im not to worried. thats wood not sand, thanks for the support!

OK so for a quick update the current version which is mainly framework IS NOW RELEASED!

Di link:

Oh, “Lucas” and “vigilante” are portuguese words, so I thought you were brazillian, I’m sorry.
Anyway, good work and good luck making your games, that’s a good idea for a game.