The JGO Bar!!: SixtyGig - Open World Retro RPG.

(Download, unRAR and run BloodTechDemo.jar)

Hello everyone! I am working on my first serious java game project, it is intended to be an Open-World RPG, based about 140 years in the future. Currently, I don’t want to release too much information about the mechanics yet. A lot of the development plans are still rough drafts, but I would like to showoff some of the visuals.

Overview of current planned features:

  • Huge map in the future, hopefully roughly the same as a decently sized MMO. 100% Open world.
  • I do plan to sell this game someday, but I also plan on giving out whole bunches of copies and there will be absolutely no DRM (Aside from Steam’s DRM if that daydream ever came true). The price range is TBD, but it will be typical “indie budget” less-than-a-menu-price-pizza prices.
  • “Modernized” Retro Graphics. Meaning I am keeping the Retro “look”, but I want to add some modernized features, in a retro way.
  • Very Western-RPG style with tons and tons of dialog, think “Baldur’s Gate” when it comes to inventory management, stores, etc.
  • Everything you do influences how everyone else in the world will react to you. For example, if your reputation with group A increases, it might decrease with B. So you have to decide who you want to interact with and how you want to play in the game.
  • Fully customizable characters. Every bit of gear you put on is viewable on your character.
  • Much more, but thats hush hush for now until I have more solid information.
  • …and because I’m crazy, I’m using Slick2D. Yes, I know it’s dated, but it does what I need for this project. :slight_smile:

If you’d like a link to the latest build, send me a PM. Currently I’m more or less working on the engine itself, the gameplay is basically non-existent. But if you want to fiddle around with what I have so far, I will happily provide a copy.

Finally: I am live streaming almost every moment of the development process, so if you’re interested in watching just click here. I love to chat with people while I work, gives me motivation! :wink:

…and, here’s a bunch of devshots! Some are within Tiled, some are in-game.

Latest Video:


Old video from March:



Experimenting with screenshake!

Old Images: