The Escapist!

now “The Escapist” is a really funny game but am thinking there is alot the developer could have added to the game for ex:

Player vs Player - the one that escapes first wins, and players can sabotage one another
Selling Items to Gain Money
More Stuff to do with crafted Items
More Crafting’s Over all

that is a small list of things

now what am thinking is creating a better version of the game with co-op and pvp
and more crafting’s and more choices and bigger maps and harder guards
and create crafting’s such as:

Chest that you can have underground
Upgrade Inventory
And more activities to to then just training and working with metal =P

tell me what you think or if you want to be a part of this project i have already started making a big list off stuff to be added to the game just started making the list so its not that big yet but well what am i suppose to do =D

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