That deployment conundrum

Well… there’s this issue I was wondering about Sun’s strategy on.

Availability. The big problem with Java, since day 1, was getting it installed where it needed to be. The first reason Flash pwned Java utterly was that they managed to get into OEM distribution early and remained there, whereas Java grew and grew to the point nobody could even be bothered to download it. The second reason Flash pwned Java was that it rarely ever went wrong whereas to this day nearly all applets are broken. Now, Flash on Mac OS has always been a bit sketchy, so here’s the one chance for Java to leapfrog it and get in there - but of course there’s this weird relationship between Apple and Sun that leaves us generations behind in JVMs and we’re unable to fix this (as developers) ourselves.

Also, what of the Wii, which has Flash?

So in a nutshell: is this new Update 10 going to actually start turning up places fast, with JavaFX, in all sorts of useful places?

Cas :slight_smile:

…and if not, how big will the browser install be? I can’t expect people to download a 999MB plug-in just to play my 1MB game!

All I can find on the sun site is;

i have 6u10 come on install it, its great. well indeed the deployment of applets hasn’t been ideal imo, been pushed to one side but now our superken (aka mrjogl) has recoded it from ground up, its sweet as far as i’ve seen. i installed solaris on my mac - anyway we have lots of mates in the fruit company really nice people doing really nice work.

console world is more chrisM’s bag; but as some of you know i’m making love on that topic :wink:

hope i brilliantly avoided all that and gave everyone loads of conspiracy misinformation?

Nope, I just couldn’t understand a word of it.


Arg! I just installed it & after loads of firewall alerts (jupdater? jquickstart? are you trying to scare people off? Ask them during installation if they want these things, don’t just let the firewall field them), the really bad thing is that whenever Applet.getImage() is called in IE5, 6u10 automatically prints ‘Loaded Image:’ & the full server path to it in the console! (d’oh, d’oh, d’oh!)

Java Plug-in 1.6.0_10
Using JRE version 1.6.0_10 Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM

Loaded audio clip:
...and so on...
Loaded image:
...and so on and so forth for all images.

Did someone forget to refill the coffee machines in QA? Can we expect other unexpected console output?
And while I’m on the subject this is a worry too!
C’mon! 6u10 is not loving me so far!