Thanks to all library creators out there! #ThanksTober

ThanksTober is a way to thank all the creators of the libraries that you use. People dedicate a lot of time to lift a ton of our work and time to create reusable libraries, and it’s so great that they even open source it, giving all the goodness for us for free.

Let’s thank them wholeheartedly! Mention the name of the project here, and tag their creators if they are on this site. Let’s just thank them!

I first want to thank @kevglass for his tutorials. They were the ones that started me on the Java game-dev journey.

I thank @Riven for maintaining the old forums for so long time. I learned a lot just by lurking around them.
I thank @abcdef and @princec for reviving JGO. It helps a lot of people to access a lot of information.

I thank the entire LWJGL team for the awesome library that they built. Thanks a lot @Spasi!
I also thank @KaiHH for building the JOML library. It’s the best high performant math library out there!

And finally, thanks to @wessles for starting LibMercury. It served as a starting point for my own SilenceEngine.

It was fun working with you people! It’s a good learning experience and has helped me.

I request you all to continue this thread. Let’s thank people who helped us, and also introduce those awesome projects they made.



Thanks to Chrism for starting the jgo forums in the first place! I couldn’t believe my luck when I found that these forums existed while in high school. It was exactly what I was looking for but never knew about for years.

Some old people who I haven’t seen for a while like Jeff kesselman, Mateus, woogley, onyx, kappa, Dimitri and Chris (sun java2d) and ken russell (Sun jogl) were also very generous with their time answering questions here.

As well as those you already mentioned, the open source work by Nate on the kryo network lib and Mario zechner on libgdx is pretty impressive.

Markus Persson is a big inspiration for many of us too.

Also, while not java, Erin Catto revolutionised 2d physics with his open source lib box2d.

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