Thank you - submission period ended

Submission period has ended!

Some games don’t display, have an error, please fix it before judges start their review process! (These games are “EPIC INFERNO”, “2037” and “Super Maze 4K”. You have 24 hours (till midnight march 1st) to correct it, or the submission will be disqualified).

Bunch of games submitted near the end, and in total 34 games were submitted.

March 1st I will open up community voting, stay tuned. I will try to get it opened before midnight tomorrow.

Judges will start their reviewing very soon.

I hope that all results will be in within 3 weeks.

Thanks all!

“2037” is fixed now… Rivens tool saved the day, maybe should have checked this out before :slight_smile:

I wanted to make an entry this weekend, but our country was struck by a heavy eartquake.
No power for more than 24 hours and a big mess in the house to clean. :-
second year since 2004 that I have no games in the competition.

I re-uploaded mine (after the deadline) because some users were complaining about an applet not found error. This was identical to the before-deadline one, please don’t kill me.

Literally all I had to do was create the JAR and I still didn’t get around to it.

Bleh… :-\

Hello there!

Epic Inferno should work now :slight_smile:


Hope everyone are OK!

Surrealist… Sorry for your country, your relatives and you… And hopefully see you at the 2011 Java 4K contest.

Super Maze 4K should now work.

Apparently the site wanted the file in the form of *.pack.gz, and my webserver wants it in the form of *.jar.pack.gz. Same exact file, different names.

well, you’ll have a major jump on next year :wink:

I sent you an email, it’s causing my system to lag.

Others may verify this:

Indeed. Even my mouse got lagged to less than 1 update per second. Spooky.

I’ve decided that the community vote won’t begin today, march 1st, as planned. This is to give everyone a small chance to iron out difficulties getting their games running smoothly. By midnight tomorrow if the games are not “ironed out”, we will go a head without them.