Tetradecagon - ** FOR SALE ON STEAM **

Tetradecagon is the ultimate game of pong. Bounce a ball off of the highlighted sides of a user-controlled polygon for as long as humanly possible. As time progresses, the ball will quicken in speed and the polygon will grow in number of sides. It seems extremely simple at first, but it quickly turns into a brutally difficult game. Tetradecagon will easily provide hours of intense, rage-inducing fun and will quench anybody’s thirst for extremely challenging and exciting amusement.

For those with photosensitive epilepsy, an epileptic friendly option has been added. Those who are not satisfied with this option are entitled to a refund.

  • Hours of intense, rage-inducing fun
  • 3 breathtaking chiptune soundtracks by Valiant
  • The best game of pong you will ever play in your life
  • Competitive leaderboards
  • Full controller support (you can play on your couch!)
  • Support for Windows, Mac, and Linux + SteamOS
  • 16 achievements to unlock!
  • And much more!


In case anyone is suspecting/cautious:
VirusTotal 0/55

But !oO!, this game is polished! This game is simple and yet so good.
Do you have any plans for this game? Some more game modes maybe?

I contradict VirusTotal, the addictionVirus is present!

When I run the game the menu shows up nicely and everything looks nice and clean, but when I try to play the game it just shows a black screen and after seconds the game tells me that I suck and that I can do better ;D

So yeah jokes aside the “game screen” is just a black screen for me no idea why. The in-game SFX sounds glitchy but I’m not sure if that’s intended. Only thing that works is the menu screens. My operating system is Ubuntu 15.04 if that’s any help.

Sadly I couldn’t get to test the game itself :’(

Same. Mac OS X Yosemite.

Works fine here:

Windows 10 x64
Nvidia Gtx 660, updated to latest drivers.

Although, that doesn’t mean it makes my score any higher :wink: The game runs very smoothly. Nice job implementing a simple idea well. I actually had more fun with this than I thought I would, considering I don’t usually favor the rage-inducing genre.

I also have the same problem, i get no errors when running in the terminal either.

Still broken on Yosemite. Opens game window, shows black screen for a few seconds, and then exits. Give me this


EDIT: Fixed. Seems like it’s a bit too fast. Maybe add a “Java2D speed” mode :stuck_out_tongue:

This is great ;D , how did you go about adding the fish eye lens effect to the screen?

Now it works without any problems! (Ubuntu 15)

The game is super fun to play. I was only going to test if you got the bug fixed but eventually I found myself playing the game for 1 hour straight ;D. I love the “fish eye” view you have in the game and the game mechanics of course are brilliant.

As a huge fan of Super hexagon this was a really refreshing change and I will definitely play it more when I have the time.
Do you have any future plans for the game?

Had a little more fun with the game. It’s as addicting as Super Hexagon :persecutioncomplex:!

Anyway remember at some point to encrypt and secure the preferences ;D

You should definitely use the altered/robotic voice instead of just plainly your own again.

I’m going to be a tad blunt: your Steam Greenlight video is… not good. It is highly predictable (to the point of being boring, 10s in I wanted to stop watching) and ends with losing the game. How are you going to get people to be enthusiastic about the game?

Gameplay wise: try to introduce variation: maybe bonus packs (to aim for), score multipliers, gravity suddenly pulling on the ball, multiple balls bouncing around (you survive as long as 1 ball is in play), something unexpected happening…

Brynn, we discussed adding this into your game months ago.
You’ve shot yourself in the foot by releasing this game like this.

Indeed, it seems that you simply thought yourself “yeah, why not?” and pushed it there;
I couldn’t make out any changes to the actual game to what you had almost three months ago, where you had way to go.
Beyond that, it seems you basically ignored anything you should have learned watching wessles’ campaign.

Yet, have a medal for actually doing something other than trying to (to say it politely) irritate people.
As said, the game does have a certain potential. Just try to actually get it there.

There’s always more work that can be put into any game. In my opinion the bigger danger is to polish a game that no-one actually wants to play, wasting lots of the developer’s time. If the game were released earlier, then it can be modified in response to audience feedback.
In many ways Brynn has done the right thing: release early, release often. Since he’s gauging public opinion already, he knows what is missing and can be improved. Perhapshe will take it onboard, or perhaps he will be inspired to make a new project. Either way I don’t think that there’s a problem.
The game looks good by the way, very arcade-like.

Upon reflection, my previous post was less than constructive. Allow me to elaborate.

My main issue is that I truly want Brynn to succeed, she is a very definitely an intelligent enough person.
Releasing early is a good thing when you have your base mechanics down that separate your game from others’, and just need more content and polish.
However, Brynn has created a mechanic, polished it to hell, but hasn’t stopped to make the game have the “fun” factor that a game needs to succeed on Steam.

It’s frustrating because we’ve discussed this at length how to improve her game, but she has done nothing about it in the months since her last release.
Considering that she’s spent money on making this game, it’d suck if it didn’t make it to market because she just got too lazy close to release after all her work.

Brynn: the first week of greenlight is the crucial time, and I think that you’re risking too much to simply launch with a lackluster trailer as you have done. If you can, I recommend taking down your greenlight page, spending a week or two making a trailer that can showcase your game in a way that feels exciting, instead of watching a ball travel from one side of the polygon to the other. It’s an unrealistic representation of your game, because you’re never going to feel the intensity you feel while playing your game through a video.

How can you show this? I honestly have no idea. But whether or not your game gets through greenlight with a campaign like this is pretty 50/50, and considering that you’ve invested a lot of time and a bit of money into this, it’s stupid to leave this to chance. Especially when you have the skills to do much better.

Congratulations on greenlighting; putting your project out there is probably the biggest hurdle to face. That said, your work’s not done; there are some serious issues with your page that you should sort out ASAP since the majority of your votes will come within the first week or two.

The icon. This is the most important part. Everything else you’ve done for this whole project will be for nothing if your icon doesn’t catch attention. It’s the first impression of the entire game. Yet, the text doesn’t contrast to the background, it’s not centered, none of the elements “pop”, and, most importantly, it’s not animated. Make it animated. You have the luxury of marketing a game simple enough to compress into a single small moment of gameplay, but you haven’t taken advantage of it. Try to compress your entire game into a 3-second gif like this, because that’s all a voter will give you: 3 seconds.

The trailer. This is one of the big mistakes I made in RFLEX’s greenlight; no variety. Right now, your trailer is sixty seconds of the same gameplay (albeit with some awesome music). You either need to shorten this, or add some stimuli in. If I can watch 5 seconds of your trailer and not be surprised for the rest of the video, you’ve done something wrong. Show some deaths, show some selling points, add in a gag, pan the camera a bit, anything to make it more than just bare gameplay footage.

The description. Again with the contrasting text; white-on-white text is not good for the eyes. Second, while I don’t think is going to detract from your game, this bothers me a bit. I don’t have any problems with borrowing ideas from my greenlight, but I think, in its similarities, you missed an opportunity to create your own personality for the game’s marketing. I think there was room for creating something new rather than iterating on the previously existing.


You made a good game, one that I want to add to my steam library in the future. Fix these soon; every second delayed is an impression lost.

Good luck :).

Many congratulations. ;D

this reminds me too much of http://store.steampowered.com/app/392020/

dont get me wrong, Tetradecagon looks really good. just missing a bit more distinct graphics style i guess.