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Hello mum! I miss u : (
Sandwiches with delicious mayonassie mustard french Russian radish mayonnaise. Oh it doesn’t do what I thought it did. Ah yes it does. So perhaps this feature might have a checkbox on it to turn it on and off.

my ass is on fire!

once upon a time… there is a bunny…

Erm, Why does a fluffy bunny own a flaming donkey? Because of the fire fox. :persecutioncomplex: :point:

Gimby says: all your base are belong to us!

An Error Has Occurred!
You aren’t allowed to modify just any post.


I’m a furry goat apple which only knows how to speak in burp-toung and say the words supercalifragilisticexpialidocious along with antidisestablishmentarianism .


Mayonese sucks

Test flaming: It’s spelled mayonnaise >:(

You should have modified the post!

Fix it!

I can’t! The french came up with the spelling, I had nothing to do with it! ;D

I spelled it correctly. ::slight_smile:
Checked it with my dictionary and everything.

With mayonnaise, you can only ever trust a frenchman

For the sake of cute fluffy bunnies, can somebody modify the post, so I can check whether revisions work?


In America they always told me “Darn frenchies” :smiley:

That was probably after you had them spell mayonnaise, right ><

I got this when I modified the top post with the french mayonnaise

8: Undefined index: file
File: /home/jgo/public_html/addon_driver.php
Line: 35

Modifiying: But it worked :slight_smile:

They didn’t spell very good. I quickly got noted as a literal grammar **** german marionette 8)
I’m not french, by the way. :frowning:

Same thing happened to me.

| Nathan


Everyone eyes are peeled at this thread. F5, F5, F5…

Revisions work now!

Any complaints / suggestions?

(I might add a text-diff, we’ll see)

It works - what a neat idea!

Revision diffs ‘work’ now too. I can either remove all UBB tags and do the diff on that, or make a pretty diff, with the occasional gfx screwup due to interrupted tags.

Currently, it does the ‘pretty’ thing.