Team looking for programmer(s) [Rev-sharing]

Our team is looking for a few volunteer Java programmers to help finish our game. I unfortunately have no money to pay for help now, but this could be a good resume building opportunity with revenue sharing after release!

We are open to revenue sharing on the final product if the developer(s) continue helping through the final release.

The biggest reason I started this project is because there are very few LAN games that support 10+ player co-op and I wanted to fill that void.

About Us

Our team currently consists of 5 people: a lead programmer (me), two part-time artists, a part-time audio engineer, and a part-time web developer.

About the Game

We are developing a 2D 8-bit multiplayer space shooter.

The player will start out in a basic ship and be able to buy new ships and refit new guns on their ship as they play and earn money, but these purchases are not permenant. Losing a ship means another must be bought!

We are designing three unique but balanced races so any races can play against each other and have a fair fight.

We only have plans for arena-style combat for this version of the game, but if this goes well we would like to iterate on the game, adding multiplayer space exploration (think: Freelancer) and large scale battles.

Once the prototype is finished, we will move on to fleshing out the races and ships, and polishing the game with the plan to release the game for free on Win/Mac/Linux, paid download on Android, and potentially having the third race as a paid unlockable.

Here are some prototype videos:

A playable (single player) demo, screenshots, concept art, and other game info can be found here:

State of the Project

The game is built on top of LibGDX and KryoNet.

The only game mode we are doing for the prototype is a co-op wave survival, but we have plans for other modes such as: capture the flag, control the point, and team deathmatch.

We have graphics for 3 races and 15 ships. Currently 4 ships are implemented in the prototype.
GUI code needs a large amount of work to be usable.

The multiplayer netcode is pretty unstable at the moment (using UDP packets with no validation or syncing).

Enemy AI is working, but could use some more smarts and variation.

Physics (jBox2D) probably needs tweaking, but mostly works fine.

Music and positional stereo sound effects are working.

In-game HUD and radar are working.

Ship animations, weapons, damage, and shields all work.

Who We’re Looking For

  • I would like to find someone who has 3+ years of experince using Java. Please have at least worked on a Java game or two in the past.
  • Someone from USA or Canada so our schedules might better align.
  • Must speak English natively.
  • LibGDX project experience is a plus.
  • Networking code/KryoNet experience is a plus.


Anyone interested can get in contact with me (Getterac7) at: