TD Engine

This is a Tower Defense game with a custom map editor so you will be able to create your own maps, upload and play them in your mobile (not really 100% out of bugs in desktop, you can play tho)

I think it is already playable but it needs more and more and more testing so I’m asking for your help!

There are 2 parts, the editor and the game (TD Engine editor and TD Engine), first you can create a map and save it (or save it as test) and then play it with the game, or download an already created map and play it.

The design of the game is totally poor since I suck at design, if someone is willing to help, will be welcomed xD

Play store: (just promoted to production so it will be available in a couple of hours I guess)

The main screen of the editor, when you open it

The editor with drawn terrain

Editing units path

Screen for downloading new maps and playing the ones already downloaded


  • Undo + redo aren’t completely working
  • When you delete a resource, you must replace the images/sounds of that resource since they aren’t removed automatically (this doesn’t really happen too often but whatever)

Very noice. Keep up the good work! :smiley:

You should put some images on Google Play, also description is not in english.