Synthclipse 2.0.0 released.

Synthclipse 2.0.0 released. Downloads.

Special thanks to Mario Lavin for the support. This release wouldn’t be possible without him.

Synthclipse is a GLSL shader prototyping tool based on Eclipse IDE. It makes possible to fast develop all kinds of shaders: Fragment (FS), Vertex (VS), Geometry (GS), Tessellation (TS) and Compute (CS). Shader development can be done using compatible with Fragmentarium and Shadertoy (but limited to FS and VS) Fragx shaders or by using fully featured JavaScript JSX scripts. The JSX API is consistent with WebGL but in fact exposes complete OpenGL 4+ API.


* Added [url=]key frame curve editor (the Graph View)[/url]

* Added [url=]windowed Viewport mode[/url] (it allows true full screen and has better performance)

* Added possibility of [url=]mapping a MIDI Controller's knobs and sliders[/url] to Uniform Controls

* Added [url=]per vector component key frames[/url] (to the Timeline and the Graph)

* [url=]Redesigned the Timeline View[/url].

* Key frames are now saved in a binary format encoded with Base64 encoding

* Extended GPU sound to 3 minutes

* Fixed bug with a crash when capturing audio input

* Fixed Shadertoy importer

* Fixed GLSL Sandbox importer

* Fixed Color Chooser bug when manually typing integer color value

Why jump from version 1.2.0 to 2.0.0?

Well, maybe changes from 1.2.0 to 2.0.0 are not huge, but there are quite a lot of changes from 1.0.0 to 2.0.0.
The main reason is that internally Synthclipse has changed significantly (API breaking changes). Besides that I don’t want to continue version 1.x forever. Synthclipse 1.0.0
was released exactly two years ago and its time to move to version 2.x.