Suggestion: We need a graphics design forum!

I understand this is a java game programming centered forum, but since we are a indie game community I think it would be nice if we had a forum in the Game Development section dedicated to graphics design. If we had a graphics forum we could post our raw artwork and get help/opinions/suggestions from other members who may be more skilled in the graphics design aspects (Like myself). We could even have a subforum for pixel art tutorials, shading, character design, concepts for depth in 2D games, etc.

Reason being is while we are predominately for java programmers, I think it would be a logical step since this forum is dedicated to java gaming as a whole, and graphics is a huge part of that. I’m sure a lot of people would like to just post their work and get feedback from other members with greater art skill, to help shape the direction of the art style of their work. I know I love giving feedback on art aspects, because that’s my stronger point. :stuck_out_tongue: