Submitting updated jar file to java4k has no effect?

Hey all,

Does anyone know how to successfully update an applet jar file on the java4k site? I just uploaded a new one, but it does not seem to change on the webpage.

Here’s the link, which still shows the old applet (Furious Birds, which was renamed to Farmer John and the Birds):

I believe all submissions are human vetted so there may be a delay

Ah okido, I’ll practice patience then. ;D

Sometimes it happens, just wait for few minutes and try again.

It’s probably a caching issue on the client side. Works here.

I guess you may be right, I finally got the new version (not sure what I did to make it so, though).

It’s changed. It says “Farmer John and the Birds 4k”. Check it. And nice game too.

Yeah I noticed, it must have been some cache issue on my browser. Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile: