Please remember to submit your game(s) to (register user first, very quick and hazzle-free).

Thank you and merry christmas :slight_smile:

  1. my server doesn’t support the jpnl or whatever its called so i had to put it into a php, is this ok?

  2. if i use web start, does the jar have to be self executable? because of web start I don’t have a manifest in the jar, and this reduces size significantly

  3. can/should i submit before the game is finished, and update it as it progresses?

4.i’ve noticed on my vista machine that when i do web start it installs on my computer, and if i change the .php file or the jar name, my computer complains and i have to uninstall the game from add/remove programs, I don’t know if this affects everyone, but is there any way to make web start so it doesn’t install the game in the add and remove programs list? the hell do people make crazy ass games in just 4k without going mad?

  1. That’s ok, as long as it runs :slight_smile:
  2. No, the jar doesn’t have to be self executable. As long as you can start it with webstart it’s ok!
  3. Your choice really. Many submit their games and only do little updates, like fixing bugs. I’d recommend only submitting a game that you feel is “done”, but you still always have the option of updating. So it’s not a big issue. Although you won’t be able to update after contest closes.
  4. Not sure about this one, hopefully someone will reply. But AFAIK it is not possible :expressionless: at least I haven’t seen this option.
  5. Who says we aren’t all mad? :slight_smile:

can i assume the game will be tested on 1.5 ? I ask because this allows the use of some .wav’s in rt.jar in 1.5 that disappear in 1.6.

Your 1.5 game must run under 1.6. Crashing is not an option :slight_smile:

can i assume it will be tested under 1.5 though? i could disable the sounds if they arent found, but i would like the testers to hear them :slight_smile:

Sure, just specify it in your game description.

Isn’t this an external resource?

no more so than using any core library classes, imo. other games have done this before, tho i cant recall which ones.

Here are the rules that apply to this:

Must be self-contained- no external resources (e.g. loading an image from a website)
No soundbanks may be used because they are not a default part of the “public” JRE. You will have to create your sounds at runtime rather than use MIDIs.

I intepret this as; As long as you’re using the “public” JRE (and resources it has to offer) and you’re not using any external resources to cheat on the 4KB limit, then it’s ok.

Maybe the second rule is outdated or misworded, since AFAIK there are some wav files included in the public JRE.

The site is down ?

Yes, I was notified short time ago. The electricity in the server-room is being upgraded, so the server will be down for 1-2 days. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Back up :slight_smile: