Steel Mill Duke

Here it is:

You’ve been employed in Duke’s factory to make widgets. You must bend the steel bar as it comes off the rollers to make the shape on the pattern. Controls are displayed in game.

This version currently doesn’t work correctly on the Mac, because anti-aliased rendering is switched on by default, which mucks up the part of the program that’s scoring your widget. Unfortunately I don’t have time to sort out multi-platform right now. Sorry.


Might be me being silly, but… the steel bar never comes off the rollers…? Nothing happens, only the 4 wheels are spinning.

JRE 1.6.0_u14 / Vista 64bit

I’ve tried it with Java 6 on XP, but don’t have Vista, so I can’t investigate it. I’ll look at that bit of code again, but it’ll have to be after the competition.

Thanks, Alan

Can you explain the controls a bit, I can’t work out how to make the shapes.


The first section always comes out one square longer than it appears, so you wait until it’s one square before you expect and then tap the first cursor key. For the rest you wait until it’s where you expect. So

Level 1: wait until you have 4 light blue squares, then hit <- and -> simultaneously.
Level 2: wait until you have 3 light blue squares, then hit <-. Wait for another 3 squares and hit <- ->.
Level 3: wait until you have 3 light blue squares, then hit <-. Wait until the middle section is four long, and hit ->. Wait another three and hit <- ->.

Cool idea, but I think it could have been executed a bit better. The rollers went a bit too slowly so I felt I was just waiting most of the time, and I didn’t really get a chance to learn exactly how it should work. That being said, I liked the originality a lot. :slight_smile:

Looks nice, and it’s an interesting idea but the bar comes out sooooo slowly I got bored after waiting 5 mins to hammer out two pieces. Sorry. :frowning:

Yeah I agree. There should maybe be a button to press to speed it along or something. Also, it would be cool if you couldn’t fold the bar into itself without losing or something, since it looks rather glitchy if you just tap left and right repeatedly. :smiley:

Probably would be better to make the rollers faster and the scoring less sensitive. I might tweak it a bit after the competition to see if that improves playability. Cheers, Alan

Hey man,…gj! Thumb up from me! I think some people with all the good meant advices shouldn’t forget how stressy it might be to finish a game without time left, where fine tuning is the smallest problem :smiley:

Good job,…keep on rocking!


thumbed down :frowning:

rock & roll music :slight_smile:
graphics ( except text)
start fine

graphics (text)
not polished