State of Fortune

The latest video (which is quite old by now):


Screenshots (Newest on top, click for larger versions):

A link to the game:

I wasn’t sure where to post this as I don’t know if it will become a game or if it was just me playing around to learn more about openGL. Eventually I saw that the name of this forum wasn’t only WIP games but also toy projects, so this seemed like the right place. :slight_smile:

I took a break from State of Profit during some personal things but last 2-3 weeks I have spent a few hours on a little project that might become a part of State of Profit or something separate or nothing at all.

Here are a couple of screenshots. The world is randomly generated with day/night cycles, okay looking water (screenshots don’t do it justice though which is why it doesn’t look that good below) and LOD terrain (the closer one gets, the more detailed the height differences get).

The only thing one can do at the moment is walk, run, jump and click on land to raise/lower it. I will put up an applet if I get around to add some actual content.

Any fun idea what kind of game to make it into? I was thinking some kind of shooter but there are already lots of shooters out there. On the other hand, a first person farming game might not be very exciting… :wink:
It shares a bit of code with State of Profit so it would be quite easy to make it stream land from a server and make it into a multi player game, but just running around and jumping together isn’t that exciting.

A short video:


Pretty awesome! An applet would be spectacular, I want to see this pretty thing in action!

Although farming might not seem that popular, harvest moon had some hardcore fans! How big a world can it handle? I wouldnt mind a play myself!

:o :o :o :o :o :o

Could we have a closer look at the trees. I want to see how they’re rendered.

Maybe it’s a secret! (or low quality).


Well, buy land, build something (farm or otherwise) and go to the local town to sell/trade with other people might be fun.

The world I currently am generating is around 2.5 x 2.5 km, but I just tried with 10 x 10 km and it also worked fine (although it took some time to load as I’m not doing any streaming at all at the moment, I load all into the gfx card at start up). Thanks to the terrain LOD the distance doesn’t matter that much for the fps. I am running it on a 4 year old laptop and get around 100fps even with 4x anti aliasing.

I’ll look into making it a bit prettier and put an applet up. Especially the sky needs some work.


Yes, awesome is the word!

If farming by itself looks too boring, make it a genetic engineering area, and let the people try to create new plants by mixing the existing ones :slight_smile:

You guys are the best motivation :slight_smile: I know way too little about genetic things to make such a game. Letting the players create the content themselves is great though as it leads to everything from youtube movies to infinite possibilities :wink:


Wow! :o

How did you make water reflections?


Just notices that reflections does not include trees. So it could be raycasting against terrain heightfield which should be plenty fast.

I just noticed the same so added them as I just added the trees and forgot to tell the reflection about it :slight_smile:

The water effect is done using shaders. The reflection is a simple FBO with the world generated upside down.


I suggest something akin to Garry’s Mod maybe? Give the tools and code the mechanics/physics. Let people make their own kind of game play to run on their own servers? So if some want a shooter, they can do that. If some want farming, racing, etc…

EDIT: Although thinking about it, now it would simply be redundant and not as feature complete as GM.

As a shooter fan myself, make it an FPS! :smiley:

Yes! Make it an FPS!

And put this into the game: ;D

(Do whatever you want with it though. I’m sure people somewhere will enjoy it)

Very impressive ! And what about a game of survival in nature ? Like the venerable “Wilderness : A survival adventure”. But if you prefer a FPS, consider making a medieval one.

That’s awesome :slight_smile:

The main reason I don’t want to make a pure fps is that there are so many of them out there and I cannot compete with them without making something unique. While the xkcd thing is quite unique I don’t think it’d make the game better :wink:

Letting people code and create their own game is going to take a pretty big programmer base that is really dedicated to it, which isn’t very easy to get.

So, I prefer to have something where users create their own experience without having to program. While I’m still thinking about the genetic experiment farming game suggested above I’m not sure how to make such a thing :slight_smile:


Looks really nice! :o

It seems like I really need to fix the sky artifacts (almost there), make shaders and AA an option for people without support for it and then put up an applet :slight_smile:


Yes, yes, you should do that :slight_smile: