Star Vox 16k

Started this one week ago, and I think now it’s playable enough to show it!

Commands :
Arrow keys :
X : shoot
A or Q : rapid fire (consumes power)
S : missiles (consumes power)
double tap Left/Right : superflip, absorbs enemy shots and recharges power for the special weapons

Click here for the applet version (windows,mac,linux)
Click here for the zip version (only jar and .bar/.sh)

I know the jar is 22k, but it’s because there are some double files (applet and windowed) and some useless stuff.
If I cut down the useless stuff I’m still at 15k, and if I pack200 it, 8k… So I think I’m still halfway there.

Sound Syntethizer (Synth4k) by ShannonSmith
Music by Alexandre Palma

Seriously nice! Why not make it bigger?

And with some of your 8k let’s have a title screen and fullscreen mode option :slight_smile: And of course, loads more enemies and powerups!

Cas :slight_smile:

Oh this is lovely, really like it. The pun on game title is pretty nice too :slight_smile:

just curious, why is the applet self signed? looks like a game that can easily just rely on the pre-signed (with a proper certificate) LWJGL jars.

The time of the voxel has returned.

Voxels are a geat way to make dynamic worlds, without investing long workhours into artwork.

Nice gameplay. I like the way the asteroids rotate in 3D. A bigger screen please. :point:

On the 3d rotation thing. Could be a gameplay feature? You could have vulnerable underbellies on some ships, so you have to time your shots.

Looking foward to the next iteration.


Hmmm well observed ! It’s just that I used my default build-script which signs the jars in the process.

Yeah, I have something like that planned, I thought of something like a spinning asteroid belt which you can only go thru when they are perpendicular to your ship, and stuff like that.

And ok, ok, I’ll make the screen bigger !