SpringWorld Editor: Build destructable vehicles and levels

I am currently working on my next game (after SpringWorld Challenge), whatever that may become in the end :slight_smile:

Anyhow, I would like to show you my latest version of the level and vehicle editor which has a lot of features:

  • Build vehicles with rocket engines, wheels and weapons
  • Add checkpoints and objectives
  • Add bots! Both friendly and hostile
  • Online sharing of levels and vehicles




Here are also some pretty lame videos:

The “game” is written in Java using LWJGL.

Try it!
It is available here:


Steer with whatever keys you set or default the arrow keys and WASD + Space. Hold CTRL to repair the vehicle. Fire weapons with Z and X. Confusing? It is actually quite simple once you try it.

Spectacular!!! ( had never played SpringWorld before)
Physics, graphics, gameplay…even a little sound.

Editor was a tad confusing…in fact, couldn’t quite figure out what submode was for on the main edit screen

Couldn’t get out of polygon modes easily (would expect double clicking to end polygon or something)

The polygon is closed when you click the first point that you created.

I can understand that the editor can be a bit confusing. BTW, what option in the “main edit screen” (what is that?) did you find particulary confusing? Perhaps the “set guard area”, which is an option for bots that make them idle when no hostiles (for them) are within a certain area.

Thanks for testing the editor!
It is WIP and it will evolve into a better looking and better sounding game that will include this editor as a community building booster. Some parts of the editor will probably be used during “normal” gameplay where you could modify the vehicle before or during a level (adding/modifying rocket engines, wheels and weapons).

Any problems when trying to start the editor?

I just tried it on a computer where nothing showed up but I can hear the button SFX when I move the mouse over the screen. Anyone with the same problem perhaps?
Anyone that get the “driver problem” error message when you know for sure that your OpenGL drivers are up to date?