SpringWorld Challenge

This is not a new game but it is freeware from now on :slight_smile:

Download Here! (Windows installer, older version of LWJGL, 32-bit only)

Download Here Also! (Zip file with LWJGL 2.8.5)

Run the unzipped zip file with:

java -cp .;lwjgl.jar springworld.engine.Main

It is made with lwjgl.
I have unfortunately lost the source code for it :frowning:

Also, the highscore/replay submission doesn’t work since the site springworldchallenge.com is not active.



Could this game become featured perhaps?

About that, you need to wait for Kappa coming :slight_smile:

Awesome! I really like this game :slight_smile:

I’ll maybe port it to Android (after decompilation/rewrite, sigh…)

It was this game that tought me to not implement my own script language. It uses a really crappy XML-based script language for the levels :). It is very mod-friendly though.

rawr said I had wrong version of java

then a bunch of errors

then downloaded java 6 built in, no luck
then downoaded installed java x64 direct from oracle, no luck
tried commandline java 6 x64, said there wasnt proper lwjgl for 64? (include those!)
then i downloaded java 6 x32 and command lined it
arghh, it is grabbing the wrong java, i have too many jre’s installed

manually type in location of java 6 x32 recent install, using the commandline java method to execute the zip(the exe never worked)

and it worked! YAY

it was actually quite fun. There are some really cool and unique things in the game, especially the destruction and your solution to ‘car flipped over??, its okay! hood rocket!’

I think if you polished it up a little for android and/or tablet, you could have a really true winner there.

look at #2

direct link:

I think your game with a little tweaking, could be beat that game and be so much more, and that game got over 5 million installs, in a relatively short time.

I love your persistence!

Thanks for the advice and the link to that game :slight_smile:

WHAT? How do you lose source code for such an elaborate game? You used to sell this, didn’t you? :slight_smile:

Is the destruction/physics your own (as in written by you)? :slight_smile:

Yeah I sold a whopping 5 or 6 copies :slight_smile:

The physics engine is my own. You can see all the versions of it in this video

The zip-file now contains the latest version of lwjgl (sorry if you got the one with the profile “krase” :slight_smile: ). It seems to work :o

I made the mistake to just let the code evolve and not save the old version. It is not actually lost, but it can’t be used for the old game without a serious rewrite or decompilation. I wanted to make a space shooter but the project just halted :frowning:

Use github next time maybe? :point:

Edit: sorry, forgot the :wink:

Dunno if it’s troll or what. https://github.com

Yeah, sorry, I forgot to add a ;). I know about github but I haven’t started using it yet. It would have helped me now if I had used any such system 4 years ago.

Because you can reverse your modification. I just started using it one week ago and for someone who didn’t understand git system (I used bzr in past), it’s quite complicated.

Wow, this game is real professional. And this was made without version control? You’re kidding right?

It’s quite difficult too. Not an easy game. :slight_smile:

No version control, that’s the truth :slight_smile:

Probably an Android version next year. Would be fun to cooperate with a skilled Android/libgdx dev and an artist and share the rewards ;). Someone who believes in this adventure?

Might I recommend a few then? :slight_smile:

If your project is open-source, I would suggest go with github, gitorious or code.google.com. The last one supports Mercurial and Subversion as well.

Otherwise, you can try bitbucket.org which has private repos for upto 5 users/project.

I’ll probably go with github or google code. I have used cvs and subversion for other larger research projects, but I’ve never set anything up myself.