SpringLietuvis MMO

Attempting to create a game similar to empires online II.
More familiar title would be: grepolis… caesar or any other heavy pay2win game.

I have not learned to create mysql events, if conditions, and other advanced mysql stuff. Only basic CRUD queries.
Yet using https://www.db4free.net this sql hoster. Not sure if he is reliable, seems like someone messed with my DB a bit.

Working only myself. Picking pictures-sounds-textures from internet - everywhere I can, extra assets is welcome. Sometimes trying to create pictures with gimp myself.
Im working full time job. So (updates/progress) is slow.

I will post progress here and on youtube:

You can download JAR file. Registration is not integrated yet, but demo account is binded to client.

Yet, game have around 1 minute of gameplay ( 1 easy quest ). My first ever application done.

I hope you realize the scope of what you are aiming to achieve?

Great choice of placeholder pictures! Good luck :slight_smile:

Going to be mmoRPG only, no strategy anymore.
No focus on grinding.
Players is somehow more important, then in traditional MMORPG’s like WoW or aeria games.
PvP almost everywhere.
Full player looting on death.

fyi the youtube you posted says it’s private and can’t be viewed.

Getting rewritted. World map is being redone and UI, and MySQL queries.

SpringLietuvis client is available.

Ability to introduce layout and watch game skeleton.
Client will get outdated soon.
Players registering at :

Because registering form is not implemented yet.

Player characters is now animated. Adding quartouple table - players can change avatar.

Working on NPC shops. Players can buy-sell-claim items from those.
This is in-shop screen.

Demonstrating some gameplay.

Doing some combat abilities.