Soviet Style: Duke in the egg factory AKA eggs4k


I think there is some personalized screening that has to take place first, you know, so people don’t upload jar files of “questionable” content.

Anyway as you might be expecting I didn’t find it to be fantastic game but then it wasn’t half bad either. A bit tricky to catch the eggs at first until you figure out how it works, then it gets hard during the first speed up. Just about the right difficulty progression right now I think. Mildly addicting, highscore 79 (I’m sure you’ve gotten well over that).

Hmm, I’m also wondering, don’t images that size take up more than 4k in space? What’d you use to draw the graphics?



Relax, take a break, breath in, breath out, nothing important has happened so far.

4K contests are about the ub3r-l33t-sk1llz only a few programmers have.

You should be glad you’re one of them, and leave it at that.


Seems like certain people are getting a little crazy over this ordeal!

I have said that i am a little dissapointed in another thread, however it does not stop my desired to make and submit 4k java games! I can hardly wait until next year!

…especially since the rules haven’t changed at all.

the community has never been informed on how we exactly determine results. (except on the day before we actually do it)

but if you want your game withdrawn, I will happily do so if you don’t change your mind (by replying) in the next 2 days.