Source code problem in Java4k site

Hi appel,

I’ve noticed that some games have the link “source code available” but when clicking it no source code is displayed. An example is

I think some other games have this problem. Do you know if the authors really submitted their code?

Also another thing to mention is that string escape characters are not displayed properly e.g. ‘\u007F\u2252’ becomes ‘u007Fu2252’

I think I can actually shed some light on that for this year. In the game submission, you have the option to show the source code after the competition is finished. If you select this option, it shows the “show source code” link on the main page, but it doesn’t show the code.

I can’t speak for the earlier years, but I believe that all the code will be available to look at after the voting process is finished.

Yes there is that option. You may want world to see it but after the compo ends to prevent plagiarism.

Interesting. Will fix tomorrow.

I fixed that issue, but I’m still trying to solve backslash-stripping issue with \u chars. Oh the wonders of php. ::slight_smile:

Wouldn’t it be better to have the source code link to a plain UTF-8 encoded text file, instead of (or in addition to) displaying it on the page itself? That’d get rid of encoding issues and would preserve formatting, not to mention it’d make it easier to download.

You mean a *.java file? ;D

Could be a good idea !

Not sure how the browser will take it if a *.java file is linked, but a plain *.txt file can be both rendered by the browser and downloaded.