Sound initialization is freezing

So I have a game loop, and there is an initialization that happens as part of a “loading screen”. This runs smoothly until I try to create an OpenAL context. Any ideas on why this line is freezing?

ALContext context = ALContext.create()

What confuses me is sometimes it creates everything quickly and works fine, but sometimes it just doesn’t initialize at all.

Any errors?

EDIT: Lol NVM its the same thing.

No Ed_RockStarGuy.

However I did notice something. When I made ALContext context a global field it seemed to work? Maybe the context is being garbage collected and that’s causing issues?

Edit: Nevermind about the global field making it work.

The scary thing is, the exact same thing is happening to me right now… It worked all the time before… it just started doing this now…

EDIT: Everything which used sound was freezing on my computer but everything worked after I rebooted the computer… If I took a guess, it had something to do with the sound card… Maybe try a reboot on your computer and if that Isn’t it, then maybe it has something to do with your sound card?

Would you clarify which binding this is in the OP, ta.

Cas :slight_smile:

I’m using pure lwjgl.

… Which LWJGL? :emo:

Cas :slight_smile:

Oh… lwjgl 3

I experienced the same thing with build #37, but I thought that it was something to do with my crappy dying computer.