Hi everyone,

just a little topic to present my 4K entry for this year.

Click to play

Gameplay is very simple, run, shoot the ghosts and survive over the ten levels !

Collect items dropped by ghosts, they will give you life, speed and power boost.

Good luck…

Hey, I love the graphics :smiley: The game has a nice ambience to it. The most confusing thing for me playing the game was the projectile collision detection with the ghosts - I wasn’t sure whether most of them go through them cos they’re ghosts, cos I’m not exactly the same height as them or some other reason?

I like the graphics style but it was very hard to hit the ghosts with the fire balls, with them crashing into the mountains and the hit boxes being so small. D:

This is very pretty indeed, I love the destructible terrain.
Though, I agree with the previous posters that the hit box for the ghosts could do with being slightly bigger.

Thanks for having tried it !

The hit box is defined by the size of entity, but the difficulty is that you are in a box of 51272512 and ghosts can climb on each others.
So sometimes you can think the ghost is in front of you, whereas he’s above and beyond.
But i agree that’s not easy to kill them.

I like the graphics, but keep missing. I’m probably at the wrong height, although it’s difficult to tell. It’s definitely different, which is a major plus :slight_smile:

The design of your game is great and it is also impressive technically. The gameplay is quite good, however what about indicating the number of remaining enemies on screen ? Because cleaning each country from all its invading ghosts is the goal of your game, isn’t it ?

I tried to add this information on screen, but the pack.gz final file size explodes with every change in the source code ;D
I’ll try again, but I don’t know if I will succeed for tonight…

I like the graphics and the effects! Well done :slight_smile:
But I did not know what to do, except shooting the ghosts :clue:

Good job!
Very nice graphics and good flow.
The only thing i didn’t like was that the ghosts spawned too fast, i didn’t had any time to play the en environment :slight_smile:

This looks absolutely amazing. One of the best-looking 4k games I’ve ever seen or tried, and I’ve tried a whole lot of them. Excellent work! :slight_smile:

Thanks for feedback !

Not enough time to make adjustments, but i will do better next year :wink:
Each byte has been used for the engine and the storage entities, so in the end this is why the game is just a basic “shoot them up”, without additional goals.
But if you get through the first few levels and collect enough speed and power boosts, the game becomes more … fun :-\ (or not)

Ok, now time to test the other games !

Nice voxel landscape.

good stuff

Hi, just to be honest with you,
I inform you that I’ve corrected a bug in the physics engine that now synchronizes animations with cpu. :o
So now, everybody plays the same game, I hope ! :wink:

If there’s any problem with that, I can put back the old version.