4kb java racer! =D

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I’ll release the source once it’s “done”. I’m running desperately low on space though, so I’m not sure how much more I can tweak this, so it might be “done” fairly soon.

The lack of frame decorations is an “intentional bug”. It’s supposed to go into fullscreen mode, but when it fails you’re left with a frameless window stuck in the upper left corner.

I’ll try tweaking it into something more gamelike, with better physics and perhaps not lawsuit-prone stolen graphics.

Oh, and it doesn’t run at the same speed on all computers… no space to add timing code. =/

oh my, that is insane ;D


Worked really well on my machine, no doubt one of the best 4K games ever! Very nice feel in the ctrls. Only thing is that it is a bit too easy to stay on the road. I was going flat out from start to finnish. I would like to see the speed going even faster (insane fast, Yeah!), so that it would be more difficult to get a “perfect run”. Guess it could just be that my machine is too slow…

Congrats, really good work!

Spec: Java 1.4, WinXP, 1.8GHz, ATI Mobile Radeon 7500

Really nice, worked like a charm on my MacOSX at work.

no problem here, really great game.

works great! cool game!

mobile p4 2.4 | geforce 440 go | 512 mb | winxp

Great job, Markus! That’s both technically impressive and fun to play. In the true tradition of 4K games though (insert evil laugh) how about…

  • Can you make Sonic step more in beat with his speed? He seems to be floating.

  • Is there a possibility of competing players? If that doesn’t work, how about a time limit that you’re trying to beat? You can decrease the time limit every lap the player takes.

  • And chance of sound? Maybe the fast tapping of feet, and the screeching of tire like shoes?


Mental! Could definitely do with sound tho’

Cas :slight_smile:

Noticed one small “feature”: When the game is loaded, it sits there nicely waiting for the player to press a button. The time displays 0:00. So when you are mentally prepared to have a go at it, you press a key. I noticed that the game “secretively” counted up the whole time without displaying it, so the time goes from 0:00 to 9:28 :o (or however long time it takes to get mentally prepared).

I also noticed some similarities to Brackeens games at:

Have you been using his book? If so, did you like it? I have actually ordered it but still waiting for it to make it through the toll customs…

Ooh, thanks for the nice feedback. =)

I’ll try adding sound, but I don’t know how realistic that is… Other things I’ll fix for sure, though.

Jojoh: Actually, the code is based on my old doom applet.

Ow yeah! I just love those raycasted games! They remind me of the old days when games where still fun and the only deadline I had was getting my homework done :wink:

…too bad multiplayer ain’t a option in 4K :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: Johjo, Brackeen’s book doesn’t cover raycasting topics. You can find a nice raycasting tutorial over here:

bitshit: Thanks for the link. Hadn’t seen that before. Quite good theory.
Doom applet framerate was quite impressive. >90 fps. There is plenty of CPU cycles left for bots there Markus, and maybe to make window a bit larger?

SonicRacer is also soo smooth that it would be interesting to see if a 800*600 version wouldn’t have good enough framerate as well.

I was going to get the Brackeen’s book for H/W acc of, so I hope I get use for it anyway, if I don’t get any other ideas instead. 4k could be stealing my attention…

This java game newbie loved what you achieved with 4k. Can’t wait to see the source!

I ran out of free time, so I haven’t been able to improve Sonic Racer 4k yet. =/